Staying Organized…the Easy Way!

Who me? Organized? Most definitely!

Blame it on my overly obsessive Virgo & Capricorn placements, but I do find it somewhat soothing to keep track of our daily, weekly & monthly schedules. You know: school, after school meet ups, grocery shopping, tidying up, paying bills, remembering appointments and so on. Hence the very necessary sub-category within this blog amazingly titled, “My Virgo Tendencies” where all of my organized, very well planned out behaviors will be stashed away for you to occasionally see. I have settled into much more of a simplistic-minimalistic planned out (🤫😝😏) lifestyle but I like to have days where there is absolutely nothing scheduled and I don’t have to get dressed for anything! Fortunately, in our house I am the organized one and my family serves as the organized chaotic ones. No one person does everything. But we do have a little secret that helps our day run smoothly.

Alarms! 🙈🙉

Yes, it’s that simplistic app in all mobile devices that we rarely use to keep track of daily tasks. Most only rely on it to remind them to wake in the morning or when to go back to sleep in the evening. We, on the other hand, use it to remind us of everything. I literally have smoothie and snack alarms (rightfully titled, “nourishment”) in my mobile phone and iPad. I never work past my scheduled break time or snack time with the kids because of it. My children have alarms to call family members on Zoom or play AmongUs with their friends on Saturdays.

Listen, I know you might have thought that this was going to be a crazy wild scheme I have plotted to destroy the unorganized world but being organized does not have to be complicated. If you have children, a job/business, a husband, friends or just any kind of life that has multiple layers…you need organization to control the chaos and to better understand where you are placing your energy throughout the days and weeks. It feels amazing to look at my alarm clocks set for previous events and be like…damn! I did that and I did it in timely manner. Nobody can say I deliberately missed something special or important.

Of course this alarm clock thing can be, and has been, stretched out into synchronized calendars on google and apps like Asana whenever there are more details to the action needed. But my goal for this post is to share with you how simple it can be to organize your life. If you are able to utilize one tool at a time that will make your life easier then go for it! You don’t need expensive calendars and organizational books. All you need is a simple alarm.

Let me give you a few examples of my daily routine at home. A typical morning, for me and the Hubster, begins around 5 am. We wake up early to take a walk/run around the neighborhood near the beach before heading back home by 6:20 am (alarm set!) which is around sunrise. We actually love doing this together because being able to start your day with your partner-in-crime under the rising sun just feels sooo good! Not to mention, the sun is empowering and energizing. Most of you already know how much I desire the Sun’s healing energy on the daily and how much I am connected to the ocean. Shout out to Yemaya. But anyways…It truly motivates us to move forward in our day with confidence and the energy we need.

Next up is of course showers or some morning yoga on our balcony. This part is always subject to change due to the weather in the country I live in but my next alarm usually doesn’t go off until 7:45am. I basically give myself a full hour to shower or soak in the tub before my children, aka bambinos, wake up at 8:45am for breakfast. I set them up with an amazing breakfast and move on to my next alarm around 9 am for meditation. My children are usually in reading time around 9:30 am to 10:30 am (Yup! Another Alarm 💁🏽‍♀️). They start school lessons soon after and I move on to my writing hour which is definitely pre-planned to begin during the planetary hour of Mercury. I’ll discuss more about why I do this in another post soon. By 11:30 am another alarm goes off for….yup you guessed it! SMOOTHIES, lol. I make a delicious blueberry smoothie with frozen spinach, amongst other great ingredients, and move on to my next alarm. Of course this schedule is subject to change depending on other projects or tasks I might have but I just wanted you to see how simply setting deadlines and start times for my everyday tasks can be simple and organized. Plus you can set the alarm tones to whatever beats/music you want to hear. Think of music that will motivate you or get you in the mood for that specific tasks. For example, for my daily lunch alarm I have a song by Ari Lenox. I adore her, her vibes and her personality. She is fun and freeing. Her music makes me feel bold and happy about who I am as a woman. FYI…listening to music that makes me feel good while cooking and cleaning gives me life!

So, now I have a task for you. Set up a few alarms for tomorrow morning or afternoon. Try around 4 alarms and make 2 of them very necessary alarms and the other 2 fun alarms. Like of course you want to wake up in a timely manner so that’s one very necessary alarm. But for the second one, create an alarm like for break time. Remind yourself to play your favorite song. That gives you probably 3-6 minutes to either relax and vibe out or stand up and pop that thang or whatever you need to move at that time.

Staying/becoming organized doesn’t mean you need to have a very strict schedule that never includes fun or free time. It actually means, although you can live an organized stress free life you can also have fun while doing it! Reminding yourself to read that book that’s been sitting on the coffee table, or complete a gratitude journal entry or Moon-Day meditations with me on the AlcheMystic Podcast *plug!* are simple yet effective ways to organize your life for the betterment of you and those around you.

I hope this blog post helps you in your journey to organization. I hope you are able to move forward understanding that spontaneity is still an integral part of life. Although, having fun while being organized is amazing too. Just as amazing as never skipping lunch or missing a football game!

As above. So below. As within. So without.

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