Sun enters Aquarius while Moon is still in Aries

Hey there Astro peeps! And those of you who just want to know what’s happening in the energetic fields today.

Obviously, we are here to discuss divined messages for the Sun entering Aquarius very soon. By the way if you are an Aquarius, congratulations! Your sign is one of my most favorite to discuss and dive deeper into. This may be due to the fact that my mother is an Aquarius…but that’s a topic for another day or time.


So, let’s break down a bit of the backstory of Aquarians and why they are who they are in relation to the Big 3: Sun, Moon & Rising. I’ll save Venus in Aquarius for a later day or time as well.

If you have a Rising sign in Aquarius you are most likely very creative, humorous, receptive and sociable. On the other hand you are also a bit arrogant at times, stubborn, moody and unrealistic. Keep in mind your rising sign basically represents how people see you when they first meet you like your personal style and daily choices.

Moving on to if you have a Moon in Aquarius. Your magical gifts may be centered around analyzing but you are very much detached from emotions. Unless it has to do with someone you truly care about, you most likely won’t be too bothered with the unnecessary commentary from others. You are pretty much very content with being by yourself. You prefer the logical side of things which definitely helps when others ask you for advice or an logical opinion about something. You absolutely love routines and entertaining but you prefer to forge your own path in life.

Lastly, if your Sun sign is in Aquarius, you of course love to be social and may have a very large network of business relationships and associates. You enjoy helping others because you are free spirit and your mind craves freedom of thought and access to knowledge. You most likely do not rock trendy pieces because you are an Aquarian under the Sun’s energy so your creative personal style is much different than most.

Okay, so now that we have that part taken care of…we can move on to how the Sun being in Aquarius might affect you and your peers.

As always, please note that you must take these messages as they resonate. If they do not resonate with you please check your other sign placements. If that doesn’t work just trust in your very own divine intuition. My divined messages are not meant to take place of your own free will or the advice of a medical professional, if need be.

Jupiter in Gemini vibes surround our entrance into this Aquarius season. The energy surrounding this is obviously grounded in communication as per my previous tweets about how the Moon in Aries is affecting us. There is some interference here as well and that is most likely due to the fire element being so strong right now. Aries brings about a bit of aggressive tension while communicating so be mindful of this at least until the 21st of January when the Moon enters Taurus which will switch up the vibes to be focused on building or rebuilding foundations (roots).

The bonus of having the energy of Jupiter in Gemini surrounding the Sun’s entrance into Aquarius is that it brings hella good FORTUNE! Innovative thought and creativity will bring this fortune about. If you have been calling this energy forth into your space then expect it to reveal itself very soon. I am seeing this energy being tied to something emotional which may be how you are connected to Money & it’s energetic flow depending on your chart. This could possibly reveal itself as an offer that may cause a rise in emotion for you. There is a lot of water energy surrounding this and even though Aquarius is an Air sign…it is also known as the Water Bearer aka the Deliverer. When something or someone “bears” that means they bring forth something through the process of creation.

While under the Sun in Aquarius influence, you might feel the urge to take a risk. This risk will bear the fruits of your labor for sure. Progress in Earthly matters is what I’ve been shouting from the mountain tops of Twitter for a while now. To begin the calendar year, while wrapping up this astrological year😏) under the influence of this energy can prove to be very beneficial for most if harnessed correctly. Now, how the Moon is showing herself to me is through an immense amount of swift energy pushing creative energy forward to lay the foundation of a very fortunate future.

The root to building this fortunate foundation is Mercury in Virgo vibes. I can’t help but see the three p’s my track coach use to carry on about…perseverance, preparation & planning! Again this energy is wrapped in Communication like crazy. Mental connections and the formation of ideas are leading the way forward here. Desire and ability to learn and adapt to change is guiding this energy flow towards the collective at this time. If Awareness, Perception and Logic had a baby it would be this entrance of the Sun into Aquarius, ijs 🤷🏽‍♀️. In result, Mercury energy being at home in Virgo and Jupiter energy in Gemini (whose home is also Mercury) just makes it all the more obvious that the Water Bearer will deliver this foundation building fortune by means of Communication (3H). So check your emails, check your voicemails and be aware of all that may cross your path at this time. Your fortune may lie within.

To wrap this all up, take a look at where Jupiter and Aquarius might be placed in your birth/natal chart to better apply these messages according to your current energy or situation.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved


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