Intuitive Astro Guidance of the Day

Okay. So during my morning meditation, I was guided to share with you some insight on certain placements in Astrology. Today, my guides asked me to focus on the following topics: Jupiter in Gemini, Sun in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra, Mars in Aries and Mercury in Taurus.

Before getting started let me cover some background on the current placements of these planets and other planets at the time of drafting this post on 21 Jan 2021 at around 12pm UAE time zone. 

Mercury is currently 19 degrees Aquarius. Keep in mind Mercury goes station Retrograde in Aquarius on Saturday, 30 Jan 2021.

Venus is currently 15 degrees Capricorn and is anticipated to enter Aquarius on Monday, 1 Feb 2021.

Mars is currently 6 degrees Taurus. Mars will enter Gemini on Thursday, 4 Mar 2021.

Jupiter is 7 degrees Aquarius and will enter Pisces on Friday, 14 May 2021.

Saturn is currently 4 degrees Aquarius. Keep in mind Saturn goes Station Retrograde in Aquarius (just like Mercury) on Saturn-Day 🤫(Saturday), 22 May 2021. 

Uranus is currently 6 degrees Taurus and goes Station Retrograde in Taurus on Thursday, 19 Aug 2021.

Neptune (one of my favorite planets btw!) is currently 16 degree Pisces and will also go Station Retrograde in Pisces on Venusian Friday, 25 June 2021. 

Pluto is currently 24 degrees Capricorn. Pluto goes Station Retrograde in Capricorn on Wednesday, 28 Apr 2021.

Last but not least, Chiron is currently 5 degrees 😳 Aries (hence the mass healing of hidden wounds rooted in change across the collective). Chiron will go Station Retrograde in Aries on Thursday, 16 Jul 2021.

To better estimate the times each planet will go retrograde in your time zone please look them up accordingly.

Now, on to the divinely guided topics of the day. At this point, I am not truly sure why the Divine asked me to cover these placements but I am pretty sure as we move forward I will know more and explain more to you.

Beginning with Jupiter in Gemini. At this moment Jupiter is in very auspicious Aquarius but when Jupiter is in Gemini you definitely attract good fortune through the development of your knowledge. Remember that Gemini is the student of the air signs. They are constantly learning everything and applying that knowledge as they move throughout their journey. Amongst all of the other air signs, Gemini is the multi-tasking learner that can amass an immense amount of knowledge but has difficulty completing the studies fully. Basically, (with my personal experience) Gemini placements learn what they need for that moment and will quickly move on to the next subject. Whereas Aquarius placements will analyze the mess out a subject until they have mastered it. Keep in mind this finding may vary depending on other chart placements. I believe my guides are strongly suggesting that although Jupiter is currently in another air sign, Aquarius, we should be applying the attitude and actions of a Gemini in regards to how we harness the abundant energies of Jupiter. 

Don’t allow ourselves to be stuck in analysis paralysis on one subject. Become a bit more advantageous with our studies and abilities to harness Jupiter fully. We are being told to surrender to the freedom of our own minds so we can learn to adapt to learning many things at once. 

It’s crazy how they gave me Gemini’s home of Mercury right after Jupiter. Mercury is the ruler of communication, air travel and so on. It is exalted in Virgo but it is home for both multi-tasking Gemini and of over-working, over-planning Virgo. When Mercury is in Scorpio (the ultimate researcher), your inquiring mind couples/mends with the intuitive mind to deepen your understanding of all of the information you receive. You process information by looking beneath the surface of things. You want to know more about how these things work and how the conclusion of these things actually come about. All of the information that maybe a Virgo or Gemini views as useless at the time, Scorpio holds the ability to transform that useless information into something more than. Keep in mind Scorpio gets the bad rep for secretive measures that can easily transition into vengefulness and jealously. But when Mercury is in Scorpio we are highly focused on learning and acquiring knowledge more than anything else. And with deep and profound passion being at the root of it all.

When the Sun places itself into the energy of Sagittarius it can be a bit disruptive. Sagittarius’ ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet of expansion. The Sun’s energy is already big, bold and bright in itself so when Sagittarius is involved our inner voice becomes a bit more louder outwardly. We are very restless and have the desire/need to be active at all times. On the other hand, we become a bit more direct in our approach possibly making others uncomfortable. Our opinions are our form of teaching others as we become more interested in philosophical topics and doings. The core of our personality (the Sun) is expressed creatively. While under the influence of the Sun in Sagittarius, we should be a bit more cautious of the way we deliver our knowledge and wisdom. Tendencies of bossiness are apparent and none of us want to be labeled as the “know it all” of the crew. 

What my guides are saying, is that in this moment we are processing sacred wisdom at a very high speed as a collective. Downloads from our higher selves may be ruling our urges to share in ways that may make others uncomfortable with learning from us. When teaching, hold off on sharing so many personal opinions so you can allow others to process their thoughts accordingly. How will we ever know what we are teaching is actually reaching others when we are too busy talking and not listening?

Jupiter in Libra can come across at the more boring piece of expansion in our lives. Libra has gotten the rep of being the less exciting energy of air. Honestly, I don’t understand why many feel this way. I have noticed an increasing amount of tweets lately saying Libras are boring. However, I believe it may be the fact that Libras hold the ability to simply listen before taking action. They don’t come to conclusion impulsively like many other signs so their reactions to many things may not be what we expect. I honestly believe that this is becoming more apparent because of the way we are now conditioned to desire outlandish reactions from everyone off rip. We can thank reality tv personalities for that! Jupiter in Libra encourages us to make correct decisions with calmness and awareness of all things. Balancing your opinions and judgements can come off as indecisive but this is only because Libra tends to want to weigh the scales of all things before making any moves. Yes, this may mean less risks are being taken. Yes, you may be more inclined to compromise but that is completely okay! 

The major takeaway from Jupiter in Libra energy is that as we continue to grow and move forward in life there will most definitely be opportunities for us to take many risks but there are times when we need to slow down and evaluate all sides/options. Jupiter is expanding our views, abilities and options. Within this expansion we also are going to be required to make sound decisions. This is where Libra steps in and balances everything out. The question is…will you allow it to?

At the time of this drafting, the Moon has just recently moved out of feisty Aries into physical pleasure loving Taurus, 😝 . The inauguration just happened and the energies of Aries were a bit crazy leading up to it. As I’m sure you already know, Mars is the planet of action and motivation. When Mars is in Taurus, we tend to be more focused on taking actions that will result in accumulating personal financial wealth. The key to harnessing this energy well is the most dreaded word for most of us to hear…(eeeek?)…PATIENCE! Mars in Aries gives us the enhanced courage to leap into quick action but I am telling you to slow down in order to acquire what you are going after. When starting something new that fuels our passion to build a stable foundation and secure future we tend to get overly excited when given the opportunity to make this happen. We are being asked to take that Jupiter in Taurus energy and mesh it with the Mars in Aries energy to find complete balance. All that we take action towards will bring forth a harvest but we need patience and balance for it to last.

Finally we are wrapping this post up with circling back to Mercury but this time focusing on Mercury in Taurus vibes. Practically thinking Taurus has now brought it’s energy from action-oriented Mars into communication driven Mercury. It all makes sense at this point, right? We are definitely in an intense material growth and financial security energy as I have discussed many times on twitter. We are now being asked to have a more practical and realistic view on our dreams/fantasies. How are we focusing our powers to negotiate our dreams becoming reality? Well, we are definitely going to take our time, weigh out the pros and cons, research all possibilities, possibly plan out every single detail without getting lost in the information and finally make a very consciously aware decision that will bring about the consequences we truly desire.

There is actually no other way for me to wrap this message up for y’all. All has been said and done. Take heed and apply as you see fit if any parts of these messages resonate on any level. As always, please review your birth/natal charts!

As above. So below. As within. So without.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved


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