Leaving One State of Being to Enter Another…Mercury Retrograde

I know, I know…you all despise a Mercury Retrograde vibe but to be honest our most recent conversations around this energy empowers it to do more wrong than right.

Last astrological year, Mercury Retrograde was plastered across makeup branding, clothing and even real estate ads to either discourage you or give you something other than yourself to blame for all of the so-called reverse energy around us. Mercury Retrograde is given a bad rep simply because it forces us to look at ourselves for answers. In fact, the energy it brings is rooted in Introspection and Self Love. If you love yourself you will do the work to bring about positive change and adaptability during a Mercury Retrograde. Especially this time around.

Our natural impulse is to tense up and likely take offense to something or someone forcing us to dive deep in the mirror of ourselves to discover truth. Sometimes this deepening requires us to break course and change directions. Naturally we are afraid and don’t immediately understand why change is needed so the universe forces this to happen through Mercury Retrograde.

This transition through realizations will be so much easier for the collective if we all understand that radical change is inevitable. Know that you can either embrace it fully with new perspective and without expectation or you will drown in the crashing waves of it’s powerful oceans.

The purpose of this post is my small attempt to change the overall view, or negative expectations, placed around Mercury Retrograde prior to 30 January 2021 when s**t gets REAL! Understand that your mind is very powerful and if you allow negative connotations to invade it…well they will eventually manifest into Reality. Know that change is good. Change is a form of motion forcing us to move forward even though sometimes it may seem like change is holding us back or preventing movement in any direction.

I always look at change as energy that requires constant movement in order to produce widely and expansively. I hope you will too.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

© 2020 Katrina Long. All rights reserved

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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