Retrogrades of 2021 be like…

Now that we covered all of that Mercury Retrograde fear in the previous post, let’s take a unified breath in and release slowly in preparation of these amazing photos I found. Lighten up and let’s have a bit of fun with this. 1-2-3…Go!

First up…Chiron goes Station Retrograde in Aries on 15 July 2021 and results will be like…

Photo by Any Lane on

That inner child strength of yours is going to be increasingly needed to beat the energies the wounded healer presents during this phase. Look within. Seek help from within. Grow from within. You might discover someone 👀 you actually love in there hiding away.

Photo by Pixabay on

Pluto retrograding in Capricorn is going to result in an explosion of transformative growth across the timeline. Anticipate that tower you built to be shaken up a bit after 28 April 2021. You have the option to sit back and allow this to happen naturally. The outcome is destined to purify, cleanse and clear out underlying problems. Stay strong and acknowledge the issues it brings to the surface.

Moving right along to Uranus going station retrograde in Aquarius on 19 August 2021. She will be like…

Photo by Louis on

Uranus will open a doorway leading towards major change across the planet. On the other side of that door lies Freedom, Liberation, and Awakenings like no other. The choice to walk through it is completely yours but keep in mind you are the only one with the keys to your very own personalized door. Uranus goes station retrograde in Taurus on 19 August 2021.

Saturn goes station retrograde in Aquarius on SATURDAY (hint!) the 22nd of May 2021. This energy will be like…

Photo by Sunil Poudel on

🗣Structure! Structure! Structure! Saturn yells at the top of it’s lung while Aquarius flips and reverses your vibes around structure into development via 🗣Innovation! Innovation! Innovation! Your harvest of this energy being harnessed appropriately is going to be major…possibly record breaking.

Dreamland is at the core of Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces and ”X” marks the spot like…

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on

Looking inward is heightened with a very intensely strong focus on DREAMS manifesting into reality. If this is your steelo, you are about to be creatively attuned for sure.

Next up are GIFs for this Virgo Moon phase aspects on 1 February 2021. Subscribe to receive all of this astrological fun straight outta my head and into your inbox!

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