From Nothing to Everything

With the Full Moon in the very strong spirited Leo, there is a sense of “coming up” energy surrounding and heavily influencing us.

With respect to all other planetary placements, there is proof of a spiritual and physical renewal happening on this plane of existence. We are entering brand new territory and our hearts are yearning for more of everything that makes her feel good.

We are definitely going to need a hellacious amount of grounding as we cross over into what Mother Moon is pulling in for us.

I tend to start my Full Moon rituals with the words, “While under your Full Moon light”.

Today, I am being guided to share those key words with all of you. Each of those six words garner so much meaning for us and our guides. We are stating where we are currently. We are giving honor in that very moment. We are specifically calling forth the energy of the word “Full”. And we are harnessing with light within us and connecting it to the Moon’s.

Think of this when you are completing your rituals and preparing them. State them plainly and clearly. Be honest with the Moon and all that she controls and brings forth. Ask for her light to guide you, protect you and share with you in all of her expanding ways.

As a collective, we are moving into a direction that will take us from nothing to everything. We are understanding the cycles of the Moon and all of her power. We are reconnecting and healing across timelines with her love. We are being given the fruits of our earthly labor with her divinely abundant nature. We are communing with the spiritual wisdom and growth she unveils for us during each of her cycles. We are shifting away from disillusionment with her revealing energies.

Keep this all in mind during this upcoming Full Moon. She is different than all others in your past. She is the first Full Moon of this calendar year. She will also lead us all into the next astrological year as she reappears for us again around this exact same time in February 2021.

Be honest with her. Share with her. She will listen. She will prepare you.

She will bring you from nothing to everything.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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