Leo Placements: Expect to go in a New Direction

Leo Placements: Expect to go in a New Direction

As a fellow Leo Rising, I completely understand how important it is for us to have power and control over many aspects of our lives.

The Full Moon in Leo will be sharing this amazing energy throughout the collective but for Leo placements you will need to brace yourselves in this next phase. You will be pushed towards experiencing all new things and standing in your truth is what is grounding you. “Changing careers” has been sticking out the most here.

I am seeing you breaking free of the norm and taking full charge of your life purpose in all new ways. Know that this feeling of needing to go after something out of the box is meant to be. There is an energy of not resisting this change and it needing to be welcomed in wholeheartedly surrounding you, dear Leos.

Please understand that where you are going there will be no need to go back or even look back. Inner self reflection and keeping your plans to yourself is the foundation of this movement.

Show yourself how much you truly love yourself by doing this for yourself!

I hope this intuitive quickie resonates and if it doesn’t it’s okay. Don’t try to make any messages from me or any other intuitive fit your current situation. Time is fluid so this may be in reference to a past, present or future situation.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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