Elemental Magick for the Full Moon in Leo

I am constantly asked about Elemental Magick and how to implement it more into practices. The other day I tweeted key points/guidance that I divined per element to help usher you towards a successful Full Moon ritual inclusive of all elements for each moon sign. I realized after posting that not many of you truly understood what was going on here. So, this is my redo with explanation this time around.

For the sake of not going too in-depth, I will give you examples of how you can begin your elemental magick practices tonight. First and foremost, you want to clear your space in some way (I prefer smoke) and set up your space for the ritual. Setting up can include the use of divination tools so be sure to gather them so you can clear/cleanse them before starting.

Of course you want to call in a protective shield in your own way and possibly cast a circle. This is completely up to you! 😏

Next, refer to the details below to determine which element, or elements you want to call forth. I recommend starting with the element that your moon sign is in. Be sure to work with the direction of each element if you are going to combine them. For example, if I want to work with water and earth elements, then of course I want to call forth the energy that resonates with me the most first from it’s direction and then move towards the North (clockwise). Wrap up your rituals by basically doing the first two steps I gave you, but in reverse.

The focus is what spirit revealed to me as the energy currently surrounding you in that element.

The goal is where you are headed or what you are calling forth into the present.

The shadow energy is a reflection of what may be hindering you now or throughout the journey towards the goal.

Each number listed has a corresponding number in numerology.

The astrological influence is exactly as it’s documented. The planets and signs are heavily influences these actions.

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below!

Happy Wolf Moon!

Photo by Emiliano Arano on Pexels.com

🌊Water Element Full Moon in Leo

🌊Focus: Pure Bliss
🌊Goal: Physical Pleasure & Success
🌊Shadow Energy: Allowing Material Wants to Overshadow Emotional Needs
🌊Numerology: 4
🌊Astrology Influence: Jupiter in Pisces
🌊Direction: West

(Moon Signs: Pisces Cancer Scorpio)

Photo by Eric Sanman on Pexels.com

🔥 Fire Element Full Moon in Leo

🔥Focus: Motivation to Change
🔥Goal: Acknowledge Lessons Learned & Move On
🔥Shadow Energy: Repeating Old Patterns
🔥Numerology: 1
🔥Astrology Influence: Moon in Cancer
🔥Direction: South

(Moon Signs: Aries Sagittarius Leo)

Photo by Joshua Abner on Pexels.com

🌬 Air Element Full Moon in Leo

🌬Focus: Clarity of Thought
🌬Goal: Success with Prosperity and the Help of Higher Powers
🌬Shadow Energy: Feeling Stuck in Chaos
🌬Numerology: 11
🌬Astrology Influence: Jupiter
🌬Direction: East

(Moon Signs: Aquarius Gemini Libra)

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

🌎 Earth Element Full Moon in Leo

🌍Focus: Fairytale Endings
🌎Goal: Achieving Emotionally Fulfilling Desires
🌍Shadow Energy: Not Being Satisfied after Achievement
🌏Numerology: 10
🌎 Astrology Influence: Mars in Pisces
🌏Direction: North

(Moon Signs: Capricorn Virgo Taurus)


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