High Priestess Mode

High Priestess Mode? What does that even mean?

Honestly, I speak her language so well that when she appears to me not once but twice, I am very much inclined to deliver a very specific message to the collective. So here we go!

During each Full Moon my energy is so high and I believe yours may be as well. This time around energy of the collective is very much being influenced by playful Leo right now. We have officially crossed over into his Lion King energies.

Spirit is asking us to simply come to the Moon open. I am being shown the stars and the water. As you most likely already know the Moon controls all of the waters on this planet. We are being asked to allow the waters of this planet to do HER job this Full Moon.

Water cleanses, purifies and repairs you.

The energy of the Stars above us will intensify so be ready for our auric bodies to ignite and radiate tremendous light throughout.

I am also being shown that the fire energy Leo presents is what is responsible for this Light being so bright. Fire encompasses the energy of the Sun and can be refered to as the “guiding light”. There is guidance within this light body of ourselves. We are being asked to allow that energy to flow freely and we will receive an immense amount of Clarity in result.

This energetic auric field of light that surrounds each and everyone us will harmonize with whomever you share this Full Moon with, so be Mindful.

There is a Gift within the waters of the Moon revealing itself to us quite plainly. I believe we all asked for this. I am being shown water flowing over us and onto the grounds around us. This is symbolic of a cleanse of the grounds we walk on. It’s as if we are being baptized in the energies of this Full Moon on the Spiritual realm, being made aware of this on the Physical realm and carrying that vibration onto this Earth’s plane of Existence.

There is an intense focus on possibly using the naturally reiki empowered healing powers of Rhodonite crystals. Even if you don’t have the physical crystal you can always use a photo of one. Add this crystal to your rituals today and tonight while under the Full Moon’s light. Rhodonite yields the powers to Unveil gifts. It also holds the frequencies needed to heal from the past and to forgive wholely. Combining it’s energies with the powers of the Moon’s waters will activate our heart chakras for FULL on emotional healing of deep wounds mode.

The guidance I am requested to provide is earth magic related. Our Connections with the Earth around us is Deepening. We are being asked to allow the energy we receive and the gifts that are revealed, to Flow onto the Earth in new ways.

It is time to break free of spiritual binds and connecting to the waters of the Moon is our resolve. Please add a water element to your Full Moon rituals tonight. Honestly, I don’t know how you could perform such rituals under the Full Moon without the use of water…but that’s just me.

Our auras will most likely be infused with the hues of the Ocean 🌊. If you have the gift of seeing Auric fields, you will definitely notice this. The Moon is presenting a simple way to connect to her but understand that this is completely your choice.

You can take a spiritual bath, charge your Moon water or complete Elemental Magick rituals. Don’t forget to place your Earth Star Chakra on the ground to be activated FULLY! There is a connection that needs to be made by us individually with our Physical bodies to the waters of the Moon, then our Auric bodies to the Magick of the Earth that surrounds us and feeds us daily.

Ask our Dearest Moon Mother to present to you all you need to be Full…just as she is presenting herself to you tonight.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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