Sun Sign Horoscopes for 31 January 2021

At the time of this blog post, the Sun is in Aquarius and we are 1 full day into Mercury Retrograde. Please keep that in mind while reading your message. These messages are only for Sun Sign placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely. If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Sunday for a new message that may be meant for you. Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. I send you nothing but the high vibrations of the Sun as you read.

Aries – There are messages of blessings wrapped in inspiration available for you. I heard the words “Be Still”. That usually hints at the fact that your fast energetic nature may be causing problems to arise that weren’t even meant for you. You made them your issues by moving too quickly. Be still this week.

Taurus – I heard the word “Rest”. There is a powerful energy settling into your physical plane around your work. This might have involved a Journey of some sort. Some of you will be just now embarking on a very hectic and tedious journey as well. You are being asked to gather your strength as it will be needed very soon.

Gemini – There is a path ahead that is going to appear soon. I just see a straight line forward in regards to this…meaning the path is very visible. You won’t have any problems seeing it all. I am being shown a standing still or stasis kind of vibe that was around you which you obviously despise of. Know that this path ahead may feel so straight forward to you in the beginning but if you follow it there will be many adventures along the way that will satisfy your multi-dimensional nature.

Cancer – I am being shown the word “Intense” but not in a very harsh way. There’s an intense vibe of mystery and wonder around you right now. I see someone soaking in the tub with their index finger rubbing the bottom of their chin while in a deep sensual trance. It seems as though you are basking away in whatever feels good to you right now. Something has caught your attention and you are truly indulging in it. Know that this is really good for you. I feel butterflies in my stomach around this. 

Leo – I was shown a stone wall of some sort with a very distinct engraved symbol on it for you Leo. It felt as though I was taken to an ancient ruin and the stone was actually a key to unlocking the entrance to somewhere. I feel as though you are being guided heavily right now by someone on the ancestral realm. There is a mission that requires the warrior spirit in you. It is “a destiny to fulfill” kind of mission. Pay attention to your insights and visions at this time as you are being shown, and/or being given, the ways of the ancients. There is something quite significant you must do on this realm that has to do with either your past life or your ancestral heritage.

Virgo – I heard “Smooth Ride” for you Virgo suns. There is a clearing kind of vibe here so if you haven’t cleared your sacred spaces please do. Clear with the intention to make way for Wealth & Prosperity to just show up at your front door, lol. This is actually how it’s going to happen for you. I am seeing no struggle just absolute perfection. Like perfect timing kind of energy. Be flexible at this time dear Virgos. I am feeling so much smoothness around this for you and I don’t have any other way to explain it but please be flexible.

Libra – The word “Respect” was shouted at me. There is a need for you to respect yourself right now but the heavy energy I am seeing is focused around you gaining respect from your works. You are all about fairness but for some reason you have been dealt the short end of the stick in many ways lately. I feel so much like giving you a hug (virtually) right now. I feel an immense amount of built up emotions around this for you. Have you been crying alone? I feel like you have been hiding these emotions from others around you. Trust that you will be honored. This battle was about strength and integrity and you absolutely Won!

Scorpio – Wow! You are very intuitive right now so I am sure you feel and look prosperous right now too. I am saying this simply because you understand matching energetic frequency flow with what you desire to attract. The one thing I admire about your sign is that you have the innate ability to balance shadow and light energies in a way no other sun sign can. Know that what you desire is coming for you. Be ready though!

Sagittarius – “Look at another map” is what I am hearing. I don’t know if you are physically traveling or just in search of answers but you are needing to go in another direction to get where you are going. I hope that makes sense. There is leadership energies around you so where you choose to go next many will follow.

Capricorn – I am being shown a waterfall that actually doesn’t contain water that moves. The water is an illusion of some sort. At one end of it I was shown someone standing on both sides of this waterfall meaning there is a passageway being unveiled for you. Please note that this person shown to me was not getting wet all! They were calmly standing there with their eyes closed. “Step inside and see” is the guidance here. I am being told to remind you to have no fear because you are divinely protected from whatever you fear is on the other side of that illusion.

Aquarius – There are two X’s here symbolic of what we all hate to here…crossroads. Understand that either direction will take you towards the new beginning you desire. I am hearing “there is no left turn”. I believe that is code for you are going the “right” way no matter which way you choose. Your intentions are very pure and you are learning so much right now. Your senses may have increased as well hence the reason why you are being able to cross either path without worry or fear. I am seeing Protection over your home at this time as well. Go forth and be fruitful!

Pisces – The Sun shines so bright over you right now. Your energetic field should be glowing like crazy because the sun showed up for you during my meditation. There is absolutely no shadow energies around you even though you might think so. The sun has your back and front so don’t worry about a thing. There is wholeness and success ahead for you. Prep your sacred space in such a way that will reflect this exact same brightness onto the world. I am also hearing “you deserve to be seen” around this. If you are worried about being invisible know that when the time is right you will be seen, felt and heard by many across all planes of existence…just like the Sun.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved


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