Crystals each Sun & Moon sign should have right now!

Let’s me be honest with you real quick…I am a crystal diviner and one of my favorite things to do is to empower crystals and gift them to my previous clients (because I don’t do personal readings anymore). I also do the same for family and friends on occasion.

With certain planets in their current energies and the MR causing mayhem in some of our minds (🗣because we are allowing it to! 👀 ) I felt the need to write a little something that will help settle your mind, body and spirit. Plus, who doesn’t like adding a few more crystals to their collection?

Any who…this blog post won’t have a lot of details. Just a simple and clear post for you to understand minus any confusion. Press play on the video below and find crystal explanations below the video.

As per usual, this video has been empowered with the calm healing energies of reiki to assist you with any excessive mind chatter your may be experiencing. The music was carefully selected to enhance this energy.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

Please note that I have given you 3 reasons why I am recommending each crystal per placement. These are the energies I was shown needing assistance right now.

Gemini Sun: Clear quartz = Cleansing + Amplifying + Healing

Gemini Moon: Moonstone = Lunar Energy + Calming + Intuition

Libra Moon: Iolite = Peace + Insight + Clarity

Libra Sun: Larimar = Wisdom + Confidence + Healing

Aquarius Moon: Turquoise = Master Healer + Protection + Purpose

Aquarius Sun: Orange Aventurine = Shadow Work + Calmness + Creativity

Capricorn Moon: Blue Sapphire = Psychic Awareness + Wisdom + Mental Acuity

Capricorn Sun: Jade = Harmony + Purity + Cleansing

Taurus Moon: Lepidolite = Dreamscape + Emotional Healing + Joy

Taurus Sun: Smoky Quartz = Aura Clearing + Manifestation + Grounding

Pisces Moon: Opalite = Meditation + Communication + Change

Pisces Sun: Angelite = Serenity + Protection + Restoration

Cancer Moon: Rhodonite = Forgiveness + Unveil what is Hidden + Compassion

Cancer Sun: Celestite = Spiritual Development + Attraction + Transmutation

Scorpio Moon: Sardonyx = Earthly Realm + Partnerships + Virtue

Scorpio Sun: Blue Lace Agate = Clarity + Communication + Personal Growth

Aries Moon: Kyanite = Tranquillity + Happiness + Harmony

Aries Sun: Obsidian = Protection + Grounding + Persistence

Leo Moon: Green Aventurine = Attraction + Luck + Optimism

Leo Sun: Rainbow Fluorite = Focus + Organization + Self Expression

Sagittarius Moon: Rutilated Quartz = Manifestation + Awareness + Inspiration

Sagittarius Sun: Hematite = Stability + Practicality + Willpower

Virgo Moon: Blue Lapis = Vision + Truth + Divinity

Virgo Sun: Labradorite = Protection + Self Discovery + Transformation

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved


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