Moon Sign Horoscropes for 1 February 2021

At the time of this blog post, the Moon is in Virgo but is expected to enter Libra in about 5 hours or so. Please keep that in mind while reading your message. These messages are only for Moon Sign placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely. If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Monday for a new message that may be meant for you. Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. Yeah…real life Seer vibes over here only! 🔮

I send you nothing but the high vibrations of the Moon as you read. Understand that Moon sign messages are revelations of what is hidden or unseen.

Aries – Spontaneous action has brought you towards something very much rooted in fertile grounds. I am being shown a forest of trees and vines. Directly in the center is a clean walkway. When I journey through the archways at the entrance I am taken to a wide open road and the colors of the horizon were pastel as the sun set. You are going through multiple journeys at this time on multiple dimensions. Trust your guidance in your dreams. I feel as though you are going through many unforeseen events but the sun with set on your path very soon.

Taurus – Have you been working with Protection spells lately? I feel as though you might be calling forth the protective energies of the unknown in reference to something hidden. Understand that without light there is no shadow and without shadow there is no light. What I mean is, although you might deem it necessary to call forth the unknown to settle energies of the shadows, you must first honor the light that surrounds us all. Understand that they work as a couple, balancing each other out. And you must do the same in your ritual practices. Know that you are already divinely protected just as you previously asked to be. Trust in that and stop worrying about what may attempt to disrupt that.

Gemini – I am seeing some confusion here in regards to your emotions that are currently tied to some aspect of your life right now. This energy is actually causing some mind games to play out into reality. Please understand that your mixed emotions are there for a reason. You need to step back and reevaluate how you truly feel about this. Is this for your highest good or no? I’m leaning more towards the answer being no. Understand that absolutely nothing that is aligned with your heart should cause despair of any sort.

Cancer – Yes! Cancer you are really tuned in with your inner and outer worlds right now. I am seeing “THE SELF” in all caps and bold. You are really honestly and truly trying to work on what those two words mean to you and how they not only affect you but others in your social circles. There is an energy of wanting to be seen for who you truly are but what’s so beautiful about this is that you also desire the same for others. The moon’s energy is allowing you to truly see the real in all things.

Leo – Your energies are really aligned with Cancer moon energies right now. You are growing increasingly aware of Self. You are trying to balance out what “focusing on yourself” truly means outside of the home. I feel as though you might think that your hidden Leo tendencies might shine too much light on yourself in ways you don’t want right now. Meaning you don’t want to be seen/viewed as a selfish person because you are choosing to focus on awareness of self right now. You might even be changing up your look and most likely made intentional plans to do so prior to this retrograde. When you finally reveal your true self to others please harness the confidence of a lion or lioness fully this time. There is no space for holding back who you truly are anymore.

Virgo – I heard “goddess or god-like” as soon as your energy came to me. I don’t know if you might be moving too fast to have not noticed yet…but you are a messenger and you really need to harness this energy fully. The energies around you right now are nudging you towards a direction that will require truth and honesty. Are you ready for that? Well, you better be. Something is coming to the surface and it will require your guidance to move forward.

Libra – Okay, so my dear Libra moons…you need to work on protection right now kind of similar to Taurus but there is a major difference here with you. I am seeing an expansion of power being given to you. This is where the protection will need to be grounded in and around your space and all that is you. I am also hearing that some of you are the “protective shield”. Your power will be something to covet very soon.

Scorpio – There is definitely hidden hardships here. You have experienced some sort of destruction or break down of foundations and emotional instability. Understand that all that you have gone through was the wrath of nature. Meaning you had to experience this because it was/is a natural part of your path to the future. You will be wiser. You will be stronger. You will know how to navigate ALL waters in result of this. Know that through it all you are still here…standing! And absolutely no one can take that from you.

Sagittarius – I was shown a split between a black and white wall. Then a dove literally appeared on my balcony as I opened my eyes! I kid you not! Doves are spiritual messengers and for one to appear in front of me during my divining of your message it quite amazing and beautiful. It also symbolizes that I have been given the right message for your dear Sagittarius moons. So, there is a thin line between what you desire to see and what you are currently seeing right now. Literally you are really close to making that “invisible” barrier disappear from your life. Understanding that what you desire is already here is at the forefront. You just have to remove that veil!

Capricorn – “Vision, Leadership and Power of words” were shown to me. You are embarking upon a period in your life where these 3 elements will serve great purpose for you. But for some reason I think you already know this, dear Capricornus moons. You are wise and your are magical. You are diligent and hard working but there is something missing in this energetic puzzle of yours. These 3 will help you find what you are searching for.

Aquarius – Something you did in this lifetime, or in your past life, is haunting you at this time. It’s causing major conflict within yourself and others. I feel as though this action(s) was all in bad timing. The moon is showing me that the timing will correct itself soon for you and you need to be ready to jump in. I am seeing scenes from Dr. Strange where he opens those portals to crossover timelines. Yup…that’s you Aquarius. A portal will open, aka an opportunity, and you will jump through it most definitely. If you haven’t does so already, I would suggest getting a past life regression reading from someone you trust. You can also simply ask your guides to bring someone into your life that will help with this.

Pisces – Okay, one of you owns a home bar or some kind of built in bar area with white small flowers on the countertops because I am seeing those flowers grow in slow motion. The vines are stretching across the bar and the flower buds are blooming. I don’t think this is actually happening on the physical realm. If feels very ethereal and is symbolic of a hidden (secret) growth from within that will bloom so beautifully. I feel as though you are tending to some parts of you right now with complete understanding that this requires time. I don’t think the wait bothers you at all though. You are content and confident in the outcome. Know that whatever this is you are growing, or tending to, feels very vintage and antique, lol. I hope that makes sense. There is also a vibe of something inherited spiritual gifts here which may explain a lot. I feel like you know that you have to be gentle with it and when it blooms people will be gentle with it as well.

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