AlcheMystic Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Five Planets Are In Aquarius

AlcheMystic Podcast Season 2, Episode 2: Five Planets Are In Aquarius

Welcome to my very first “Grand Rising” podcast of 2021 while Mercury is busy retrograding.

I just want to outline a few things before you move on to listening to the podcast.

I am an intuitive diviner and I have tweeted (and deleted👀) a few posts about these next 3 weeks being very Karmic related and how I have seen binds on certain energetic bodies needing to be released.

I want to say that if you feel as though you have an heavy hold on you, please find a energy healer, alchemist and/or shaman that can assist you with this. I have mentioned in the Moon Sign Horoscopes yesterday (1 Feb 2021) that one Moon sign in particular needs to do Past Life Regression. You can find that horoscope in the Sostrology & Horoscope section below ⬇️.

Seek out someone who has reputable expertise in Akashic records.

Now, I am not saying this to scare you. I am saying this to prepare you!

Know that if you ask your guides for Divine Protection they will give it to you. Understand that if you communicate to them, and the Divine, that you would like to be guided towards someone who could assist in release of any spiritual binds you have on you in the present time, and any other lifetimes, they will guide you towards that perfect someone.

Meditate on this information for as long as you need. Then move forward with any guidance you receive.

For your convenience, I have embedded the link to today’s Grand Rising podcast episode below as well as your Moon Day Meditation. I waited to record the meditation because the Moon was still in void of course yesterday. Now it has officially settled into Libra nicely. Enjoy!

Asè 𓂀

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