Intuitive Quickie: High Expectations

If you haven’t seen my most recent twitter posts (@scribegodess) you probably won’t understand why I am writing this all out in a blog post at this very moment. (Tbh…I actually typed this up over a week ago and recently found it 🙈. I guess it was waiting for me to find and post today.)

There is an energy entering the timeline that I am truly wanting you all to clearly understand. I have been sharing messages from the Divine and excessively using the word “Expect” more than ever. The reason for this is because you need to be prepared to Expect the most.

There is an increasing energy that will be over the top in many ways. This energy can be good and bad. I just want you to be prepared to expect major changes in all things. There is an energy around what has been hidden will be revealed. Again this can be good or bad. There is also an energy of the unknown (“0”) being at the center of this increasing energy. Please understand that you have to be aligned and listen to your higher self during this very transformative time.

I tweeted that the Subconscious mind would be of great importance during this phase. If you are not meditating often or connecting to your higher self in some way you will not see what is clearly in front of you.

Expect that Unexpected energy is heightened and will continue to grow over the next few days. Understand that you will unexpectedly receive good news. Understand that you will unexpectedly be told, or shown, something you somehow felt you already knew. Understand that Expectations should be higher at this time because things on this earthly plane are shifting fast. Understand that if you are not Expecting change nor the consequences of this very fast change…you are being naive.

Expect that what you have been seeking is also seeking you. Expect that these things will be revealed clearly and plainly because as a collective that is what we asked for. Understand that this is what we desire the most. Expect that all is well. Expect that all that you need will be presented to you for your highest good. 

Expect this major “change/transfer in energy” to be the precursor of what is to follow. Expect all that you are working to create (complete) now is making way for what is to come. Expect for life to be lived in according to Divine Order and Divine Plan. Expect that you are meant for more than you know right now. Expect to gain wisdom. Expect to gain power over your own free mind. Expect to be more than you ever thought you would/could be.

Expect to be introduced to more. Expect to see more. Expect more!

I don’t have any other way to share these messages with you other than “Expect the Unexpected” & expect to be jolted forward because of the change/shifts in the Earth at this time. Earthly matters are the focus because we made them the focus. Expect that when these energies surface you will be prepared to handle them correctly under the light of the Sun. We rely on it for growth and revitalization. If we choose to co-create with this energy while in the midst of shadow vibes then Expect that the consequences will be great. So, get yo’ s**t together!

Know that this is what is to come. Expect it. Prepare for it as much as you can now.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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