Mars Placement Horoscope for 2 February 2021

At the time of this blog post, the Mars is in deliberate action-oriented and grounded Taurus. Please keep that in mind while reading your message. These messages are only for Mars planetary placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely to your natal/birth chart. If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Tuesday for a new message that may be meant for you. Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. Yeah…real life Seer vibes over here only!

I send you nothing but the high vibrations of the Mars as you read.

Mars in Aries – I feel as though you have grown to become very trusting in all aspects of your Intuition as of late. I am seeing someone in a dark tinted vehicle…the vehicle is driving but the person in the driver seat is laying back actually asleep, lol. When I saw this I actually said, “no way” to my guides because I thought they were messing with me. You are being guided through the unknown right now. Some of you might be going through the dark night of the soul hence the very blacked out windows. I just feel an increased sense of confidence around and about you. You understand that this journey is necessary and you are fully embracing it hence the driving with no hands!

Mars in Taurus – “Giant!” You are tackling big things right now but even though you may be small in stature you are being seen as a Giant by your colleagues, peers or family members. You are coming towards something at a very fast pace and people are wondering how you are capable of doing all of this while maintaining balance in your life. You might have hidden fears about your next moves but you are clearly not allowing those fears to be shown. Just be careful and make sure you take some time to fully acknowledge any fear based beliefs you might have. It’s okay to do this in private but clearly you are very much protected from chaos because obstacles are moving out of your way. Even though you might not See👀 it happening.

Mars in Gemini – There is an ancestor attempting to contact you in your dreams. Please pay attention to whomever you cross paths with while in dreamscape. I know this might seem hard to do but you can set intentions before bed each night via meditation to ensure you remember what is being shown to you when you awake. I am seeing a crystalline golden body like structure in ruins which is definitely symbolic of someone from another lifetime here. This doesn’t mean that this person was buried in ancient burial grounds but it could be. For me, this just says that someone from an ancestral realm is wanting to reveal something to you and you need to do whatever you can to make sure you receive their message clearly.

Mars in Cancer – I heard, “there is an opening above” for you Mars in Cancer placements. This is in regards to some sort of security (or lack thereof) around resolving disputes of some sort within the home. These issues are around stability and something to do with being stuck in the past. The opening shown to me had tree branches shining through. You know how you are taking a long drive through the country, or somewhere with very tall trees, with your sunroof open and the tree branches create different shapes and forms above your head? That’s what I am seeing. I am also being shown the number 7 here laid out on the ground with rocks. Kind of like an S.O.S. message to me asking for help in a secret kind of way or maybe it’s a message you left for someone else to find. I hope this resonates because there is a lot going on here and I can only relay what is being highlighted to me the most. If this is your placement message please reach out to a trusted healer to help you with this ASAP!

Mars in Leo – You feel blocked in some way. I can’t see past a dark wall that has small remnants of lights sparkling through for you. There is also an energy of you blocking others out right now. Be careful with this especially if you are intentionally blocking others out to hurt them in return for something they did to you. Ah! I see now. Some of you are going through a transformation and you are intentionally blocking others out, lol. There is a lot of air energy around this so you must be blocking people from communicating with you in all ways. Understand that inner harmony is the outcome of this transformation for some of you. For others, you are seeking freedom and you will receive it…just be careful with how you demand it.

Mars in Virgo – Are you working with a Gemini or interested in one? I am seeing some issues here with resistance within a connection. You are on the defense or maybe you are a Gemini sun or rising experiencing conflict within. Either way there is resolution to this issue but it requires some kind of partnership energy to be recognized on your end. I just feel a lot of self-imposed obstacles here. The word “obstacles” is definitely being highlighted and I don’t see any other persons involved with in this part. It’s ALL just you. Please understand that this is shadow energy restricting some sort of movement in your life. You are actually the one allowing these limitations to build up and it’s time to take full responsibility for yourself. The partnership within is centered around balancing your desires with your needs at this time.

Mars in Libra – There is a lot of action around you. You seem very busy and wanting to take a much needed break. I actually see you hiding from your colleagues/friends for a while for some kind of peace and quiet. Listen…you don’t have to hide because I am seeing you are already sending off the right signals to everyone around you. I also see you have a clear vision of what you aspire to be and what inspires you to fulfill those aspirations will bring some kind of communication about your future to the forefront. Some of you might be changing directions in some kind of project as well due to the fact that you want to stay true to who you aspire to be in this lifetime.

Mars in Scorpio – I was shown a beaming light for you dear Mars in Scorpio placements. Please note that although you are not listed at the top of this post, I did start my meditation with your sign due to the heavy energy I felt for you early on during the day. But any who…this beam of light connected the Earth to some other astral realms in my vision. There were also warriors standing around it looking up as if they were waiting for you to join them through that portal of beaming light so you could go to battle with them. They can’t do this without you is the vibe I got from this. As I mentioned on Twitter today, I feel a strong magically attuned energy around Scorpionic placements. And your Mars in Scorpio energy confirms such. You are connecting to the Earthly realms and spiritual realms in some magical way but I don’t think you are aware of this yet. Soon you will find this out in your own individual ways. There is inner transformation around this as well.

Mars in Sagittarius – ”Climbing a brick wall to the unknown” is what I heard. I can see someone wearing a tool belt with all of the necessary tools needed to make it up this hypothetical ”brick wall”. You are prepared for what is at the top and I see you coming up with innovative ways to get there. Your energy is very high around this and I don’t see anything or anyone being able to halt your path. Know that your resilience is beyond measure at this time. Understand that your accomplishments will be noticed.

Mars in Capricorn – You are destined to be liberated soon. There is a fresh new energy presenting itself to you on a platter. Trust that this new beginning will be growth-oriented. There are futuristic vibes around this. There isn’t much else to say to you Mars in Capricorn placements except for stay grounded because what you seek is definitely coming to you. There is wealth around this fresh new energy but I believe you already know this so stop doubting yourself and your abilities.

Mars in Aquarius – You are above the clouds right now. I see an aerial view of some land covered in trees. So, something you are changing directional views to see will be found…with ease. There is an immense amount of logic around this. But for some reason although what you seek will be found with ease there is a bit of nostalgia here as well reminding you of the hard work you have done in the past. This energy is great and all but try not to stay back there for too long. Your journey is ahead of you, not behind you.

Mars in Pisces – Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork! You are going to be led towards a group of individuals that will be more than willing to put forth the necessary efforts towards goals just as you requested. There will be so many new ideas between all of you because I am seeing fertile ground. There is definitely group effort vibes here and a ”taking a seat at the table” energy around it. I’m just going to go ahead and say it…some of you might be snatching up a major role in a startup or some kind of new project that requires your guidance and fresh new perspective. You will succeed in this role because it feels like you’re finally at home. If that makes any sense, lol.


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