Intuitive Quickie 3 February 2021

There is an Ending here for the collective today. This ending may seem small within but without…it is quite huge. There is an energy of “closing out chapters fully” here for you today. How will you embrace it tho? 

Understand that the world is in a negative place right now. Shadow is definitely working his compelling powers.

If this chapter isn’t closed there will be a complete opening for widespread disharmony on this plane of existence. 

If you choose to flip it and reverse it…the world will stand right side up again as the energy of Justice will always choose sides according her laws (Ma’at will appear is some form along the way😏) . She is firm but she is always truthful and honest. Don’t let this Moon in Libra reverse on you as it will be a major struggle in itself to get her back on your side.

Structure, routine, logic and rationale are being highlighted here. Detachment is the focus. Strength and Self Discipline is the foundation. 

Any resistance will cause an intense glitch in the matrix. The code for your future has already been embedded in the stars. You can either jump on the back of your white horse and parade through the Shadows like the bad a** that you truly are or you can hide in the closet. The choice is yours ultimately. I’m just here to make you See! 

As above. So below. As within. So without.

© 2020 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved


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