Mercury Horoscope for 3 February 2021

At the time of this blog post, the Mercury is being influenced by the expanded awareness of Aquarius. There are also four other planets currently in Aquarius. Please keep that in mind while reading your message. These messages are only for Mercury planetary placements and absolutely no other. Please apply them wisely by checking your birth chart to verify placements. If they do not resonate with your current energy, that’s completely okay. Return to this space next Wednesday for a new message that may be meant for you. Lastly, there will be posts for all other planetary messages as well. I have transitioned my previous “Astro Intuitive Messages by Houses“ twitter threads into easy-to-read horoscopes per sign on the Scribe Godess blog only.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. Yeah…real life Seer vibes over here only! 

I send you nothing but the high vibrations of Mercury as you read.

Aries – There is an energy of “blind faith” here for you dear Mercury in Aries placements. You will need to harness all of the courage and inner strength you have gained over the last 6 months to push forward during the next 6 months.

Taurus – You are moving in a zig-zag motion these days. I’m not sure if it’s a pull in multiple directions or you are dodging something. It’s time to set plans and move differently this time.

Gemini – I feel as though you may have recently experienced a “big fat failure” is what I am hearing specifically. This was major for you and you are currently in strategic recovery mode. Pay attention to the details this time around and obviously…don’t make the same mistakes you previously made.

Cancer – “Going backwards” is what I am hearing. There is also an arrow pointing in the southern direction. Some of you may be moving back home or towards the South of whichever region recently chose. But I feel, for the most part, that you are looking back before you actually go forwards. Understand that if your mental and emotional stability cannot handle the leap backwards in time then you will be stuck in the same place you were before.

Leo – Something keeps slipping away from you and I am seeing this slippery energy is for the best. There is something here that you are kind of on a “repeat” mode with and you feel as though you can’t stop the cycle. Understand that this is an issue that has many layers. The requirement is to settle them all but one layer at a time. You will be prohibited from moving on until you do so.

Virgo – I am being shown a broomstick in motion clearing out things that no longer belong here. Are you performing clearing rituals perhaps with a broom? I feel a really intense green witch vibes here too. If you aren’t clearing out space then I suggest you do so. The broomstick sweeping the ground is symbolic of an energy clearing of some sort.

Libra – Patterns are all around you right now. I think they may be causing a bit of confusion too because I had blurred vision when I tried to focus on one of them. They all seemed to blur together. There is a need for you to break away from old patterns. I believe the new patterns you recently implemented are blending in with the old so you might be feeling as though “nothing has changed”. Reevaluate this as soon as possible or it will become a major hindrance for you in the near future.

Scorpio – There is a cult vibe here. I was shown a certain cult insignia in my visions. There were many floating around but one specific insignia stood out to me because it is a well known global cult. I believe you may be searching for your soul tribe or experiencing an intense need/want to belong to a specific group of people that are like-minded. I see many options but you should definitely take your time with this.

Sagittarius – “Hats off” is what I heard which is kind of out of the ordinary. There is an energy of comfort being highlighted here for you. Usually when someone takes their hat off…it is in result of feeling comfortable and at ease in a space. Like walking into someone’s home and taking off your shoes. It’s symbolic of paying respect. I am being guided to tell you to humble yourself at this time by paying respect to those who have guided you towards this very comfortable energy I see surrounding you at this time. If you haven’t paid homage to your ancestral altar…this might be the perfect time to do so.

Capricorn – There is a long road here but two lanes veer off of it. What stands out the most is the fact that these two go in the exact same direction at the exact same time. I am feeling like something will take off for you that has felt like a very long journey with no end in sight. All of a sudden you will be presented with multiple options that feed off that original long road. These options will most likely appear at the exact same time or back-to-back!

Aquarius – “Stick a fork in it” is what I am hearing, lol. When I am baking I usually stick a fork in whatever I am baking to see if it’s done or the center of it has baked to my liking. I feel that same energy here for you. There is something that is in the oven baking for you and I think it may be done. I feel like you are wary of the finished product so you are hesitant to mark it is as complete/done. Trust your inner guidance because the longer you leave whatever this is in the oven…the more likely it won’t ever be to your liking.

Pisces – I was given the letter “V” for you Mercury in Pisces placements. When you really look at the letter V…it can be a point to a direction or an opening to a point. You have a decision to make here and to be honest the aforementioned descriptions of the letter V will be your results. It’s just that simple.


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