Book of Magick: Year 2.0.8

Year 2.0.8

Riding in with her army of five hundred Shebas on the backs of giant lions that synced with their every move in a sensual but dangerous way, Commander Kiya lifted her staff to halt the march directly in front of the Queen Mother’s throne. Kiya then lowered her staff and the Army of Shebas gracefully slid from the backs of their companions onto the royal grounds. One row after another they bent their knees falling so lightly to bow in Godis’ pose in honor of the Queen Mother’s presence.

They had just returned from the battle of Gods on the Northern Stars. As the last row fell, Kiya did the same and all five hundred companions lowered their massive bodies in solidarity. Queen Mother stood from her Obsidian throne to glance over her great warrior Shebas just as she did each time they returned. They were all her daughters and just as any mother would, she counted every child to ensure they had all returned home to her. Once she was done, she removed her cloak and walked over to her Commander. With every step the ground lit up with rings of beaming green lights. Her Labradorite crown glistened as she grew closer. She stopped in front of Tatu, Kiya’s companion. Ran her soothing fingers over the top of his mane and down to his clenched mouth. She lifted his chin and backed away. Tatu opened his eyes to verify the Queen Mother’s request of him. She nodded with reassurance. Tatu then unclenched his mouth to reveal the head of the God of the Northern Stars.

The revelation of this bounty caused the Queen Mother’s throne to activate. Queen Mother of the Scarlet Temple of Lemuria was intrinsically connected to All magic. Her greatest power was her intuition that could send vibrational shifts across the worlds within worlds but her protection, focus and calm oneness with the land was her most admirable gift. Her world is built of Black Tourmaline Crystal for divine protection, detoxification and grounding. Her gardens are filled for miles with healing herbs. Her lakes and oceans are filled with the moon’s waters. Her own daughters were born with wings of the Scarlet Temple Lemurian Seed Empathic Warrior crystals. She created each Sheba with the magic cycles of the Moon. They were the most powerful under the moonlight which served as an advantage for the Queen who only sent her Shebas to war in honor of the visions revealed to her during each Moon phase.

The Shebas never interfered with doings outside of magic. They were only granted permission to leave the Scarlet Temple to complete their divinely guided missions. They were summoned into the battle of Gods on the Northern Stars by Queen Mother after a vision she received during her New Moon rituals. She saw that the God of the Northern Stars had been killed by the Ancient Saluwatus while on the lower realms. The God was then reincarnated and sent back to the people of the Northern Stars. The soul of the God’s body was not of his own. His body had been inhabited by the King of the Ancient Saluwatus in the lower realms in order to allow him passage into the higher realms. The King had one mission before the Queen Mother banished him to the lower realms and he returned to complete it.

Queen Mother waved her right hand to disarm her throne and nodded for Tatu to release King Saluwatus head from his mouth. He obeyed. The temple fell still as the Queen gazed into King Saluwatus lifeless eyes. A tear fell from her left eye in remembrance of what once was. She never wanted this for the King but it had to be done correctly this time. She couldn’t risk him returning to destroy any of her realms again. 

“Take this bounty to the Oceans of Kings,” she ordered. Commander Kiya stood before the Queen. She could always feel her pain. Their connection was different from the other Shebas. She knew exactly why Queen Mother shed that tear but vowed to never tell any of her sisters nor the Queen herself. Kiya climbed atop Tatu and led the army to the Oceans of Kings. Queen Mother watched as they walked away. Never moving a single muscle. She was frozen there until the army was out of her sight.

Thanks for making it this far into my Book of Magick. Until the next world within worlds is revealed find me where the stars align….across all timelines.

© 2021 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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