Venus Fridays: Sensuality Affirmations 5 February 2021

It’s Venus Friday and I have your first set of Sensuality affirmations for calendar year 2021.

Take some time for your self today during the planetary hour of Venus.

Repeat these affirmations to yourself out loud…preferable in the mirror. Look into your beautiful eyes and experience a sensual conversation with yourself!

This post is auto set to go out during Venus hour on my side of the world. The video is empowered with Reiki healing energy wrapped in love.

Keep in mind Venusian Sensuality is separate from Sexuality but you may experience sexual arousal when completing my Venusian Star Temple affirmations. Be responsible! 👀

Be sure to add AlcheMystic Podcast to your podcast library on all podcast platforms! I will be adding something very special directly related to Venus Fridays very soon. If you are interested in guest hosting with me please email me at 😇

Oh and I almost forgot. Red Adventurine crystal is, and will always be, my recommended crystal for harnessing Sensuality. It draws upon the elements of both Earth and Fire to increase the flow of Prana. It inspires both creativity and sexuality as it renews and balances self confidence.

© 2021 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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