Intuitive Quickie 9 February 2021

Profound changes are happening across this plane of existence.

Know that this is a “Heart Level” kind of energy. New friendships and opportunities will occur. These friendships will be deeply inspiring and rewarding.

Intention is the greatest creative power on Earth. Please keep that in mind throughout the upcoming week. What you intend, you will experience during this time of Heightened creation energy surrounding us. Know that you can bring about whatever you intend and focus on.

So form a clear picture of what you are calling forth while under this New Moon in Aquarius influence. Slow down and visualize all that you intend to manifest and experience.

All is energetically connected and all is apart of one collective consciousness. So you innately hold the power to create through thought and intentions.

My guidance to you is to get clear, and remain clear, on all changes or advancements you want to bring into your life right now. If possible, use an amethyst crystal to assist you with this. It will help you Transform and Transmute all that no longer serves you at this time.

You will be free from all inner conflict and finally be able to call forth all that you truly desire to manifest and experience in your life.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


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