What the New Moon in Aquarius is bringing towards each Moon Sign

This New Moon in Aquarius is cranking up an intense fiery energy around Tangible things!

You will see more of us getting homes in this next phase. Don’t expect that all of us will share news of this but some will.

There is a heavy Knight of Wands vibe around every collective energy reading I have done this week. Although some of us planned what seems like a universal tower moment, others will be very surprised by it.

“Mindful steps to save Resources” kind of energy has entered the timeline as well. We will master the ability to have more while requiring less. We will be wealthy in our own way, of course. We will understand that true wealth comes with saving for “Future Generations to See!” I know I have been saying this for a while now but we are finally ready for this.

We will no longer see happiness as a competitive process. “My happiness should never come at the cost of yours” kind of energy will overwhelm us fully and completely. This will take time but it has already planted seeds on fertile grounds within our hearts and minds.

This is the foundation of the shift that is happening across the world right now.

We are becoming more AWARE of the effects we have on each other. This Mercury Retrograde has revealed so much to us ALL.

Below are the messages divined per moon sign via the AclheMystic Podcast.

I send you nothing but divine love, divine protection and divine clarity that transcends across timelines.


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