New Moon, New Phase Collective Clarity Activity

New Moon, New Phase Collective Clarity Activity

There is still an intense 4 of cups energy surrounding the collective. In reverse, this tarot card can be symbolic of not being clear on what you truly desire or want. I’ve been tweeting about this non-stop but during my morning meditation I was guided to create a fun activity for the collective.

We are needing to focus on bringing balance, cooperation, celebration and insight into our lives right now. We will most likely be celebrating wins with 3 people or a partnership in itself will include 3 or more moving parts. This is of course in result of us all first being very clear on what we are calling forth.

FYI…if you need more detailed reference for your New Moon in Aquarius rituals, follow or subscribe to my blog because tomorrow (11 Feb) at 11:11 am Dubai time zone I will share with you a page from my very own Book of Magick. This will be in letter format to the New Moon for you to read directly to the Moon during it’s New Moon phase. You will be able to find it in the Book of Magick section after it posts.

But anyways…here is the link to today’s Intuitive Quickie: 5 Planets + the Moon in Aquarius Messages for all Aquarius placements per House.

Link to download written materials for the New Moon Collective Clarity Activity is below!

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