Dear New Moon 11 February 2021

Your New Moon Affirmation: “I can and will have more than I ever dreamt possible.”

Dearest New Moon,

As I release all that is not meant to complete this spiritual journey with me, I accept that all that is promised to me is falling into place.

I am grateful.

I call to you whilst under your new moonlight.

I am confident that all of my burdens have been released.

I call upon you to aid in my expansion requests of solid foundations in my home, work & love life.

I call forth efficiency and growth within and without.

I call forth connections leading towards abundance for all parties.

I call forth consistency and strength in my business practices.

I call forth persistence to work out in my favor in all things I have put positive effort towards.

I call forth partnerships and collaborations that are beneficial for both my spiritual growth and my career.

I call forth positive outcomes in my structural foundations.

I call forth the necessary shifts and discipline needed to lead me towards beginnings.

I call forth endings that lead to new beginnings.

I call forth contracts that allow me to create with a new perspective and outlook.

I call forth visibility and stability that provides the means for me to replace all that has been lost.

I call forth clarity that guides me towards divine connections that are long-term.

I call forth the inspiration that guides me towards my natural creative spirit.

I call forth a fresh start in all things but more so emotionally.

I call forth monetary gain that is consistent and growth-oriented.

I call forth all of this high vibrational energy with the highest vibration of 3. Mind, body & spirit.

Dearest New Moon, I am grateful. I am open to receiving. I am thankful.

And so it is.



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