Intuitive Quickie: Sneak Peek into what’s in store for each Modality during this Chinese New Year 🐂

Happy Lunation to each and every single one of you!

I woke up this morning so pumped and so freakin’ excited to share the sacred knowledge that was shown to me in my dreamscape and during my morning after NM rituals. I will share some of my Morning After NM Rituals as an addition to the Book of Magic section of this blog today, so be on the lookout!

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I honestly feel as though this year will be so successful in so many ways for us. I am so hype because most of you have absolutely no idea how much positive change will just drop into your lap during this lunation phase.

We have been going through some craziness during Mercury Retrograde. So much has been revealed and uncovered. We DESERVE all of this “Year of the Ox“ energy right now. I have been holding off on sending out intuitive tweets about this amazing flow of energy & everything that is happening for us on this plane of existence. But let me tell you…Venus and Jupiter are taking the wheel during this phase!

Before I get into the blessings for each modality, let’s chat more! I have over 30-50 views & followers PER HOUR on each of my blog posts but no one comments, lol. Please leave me feedback below & continue to click that follow button below. I want to get to know all of you. I want to know how you feel about all of my messages and my celestial teachings. Tell me how you are doing and who you are. Let’s be high vibrationally aligned friends! 🤝

Now on to why you are truly here!

Here is what is fast approaching each modality…

Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer & Capricorn placements for Venus, Sun, Moon & Rising) you are definitely going to experience changes in your foundations. I have been saying this to you beautiful cardinals for a minute now. I feel like most of you heard me and took actions centered around growth, both inwardly and outwardly. You are prepared and more than ready for all that is to come. Please know that the actions you have taken leading up to this New Lunar Year are going to be well rewarded. No worries. No doubts. No fears. All that is meant for you is actually already here for you and will unfold in such a beautiful and magical way. I am excited! Are you excited? I think we are all very excited for you!

Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces placements for Venus, Sun, Moon & Rising) you are literally standing on so much fertile ground right now. I remember tweeting at the end of the last quarter of 2020 that “some of us would be responsible for the balancing of the inner and outer worlds.” Well, that ”some of us“ is actually YOU! Listen to my 22 Dec 2020 AlcheMystic podcast episode for more details on this. I am being shown that many of you will be coming into monetary gain quite fast and you will be sharing your bounty in many ways that will directly affect many across the world. Whether it be a passion project or inspiration that reaches the masses you will do it this year. This energy is showing up as Money, Career and Success being the outcome. I honestly saw this coming but sometimes I am asked to wait to reveal what has been revealed to me. Divine timing is in full control of your fate and destiny and this group is destined for great things this Lunar Year!

Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius placements for Venus, Sun, Moon & Rising) you are truly sitting in the true power of your true self. This has been a running theme for 2021 for the entire world…at least that’s what has been shown to me. I tweeted that in 2021 we would find our true selves so many times! You, my dear fixed sign placements, have discovered this much sooner than others. You discovered that your true power is YOU! Being who you are within and without is what is bringing you Partnerships that result in Abundance like no other. I honestly feel this energy in my heart space for most for you. This is definitely going to settle into something that touches the hearts of those you love and care for deeply. Rediscovering your true self and harnessing that Power has created massive shifts in your path due to you aligning with your true self fully and completely. I feel an emotional wholeness here for you as well. I love this for you and it’s at the perfect time with V-day being just a few days away.

With all of that said, I am so happy to FINALLY post these messages. This makes my very first blog post written while being fully embraced by the New Lunar Calendar Year. Keep in mind that the Astrological calendar year begins in Aries season. There will be so much more to come directed related to our TRUE DESIRES surfacing. I have been tweeting about the fiery energy around us right now that is actually pushing the fast delivery of the blessings I have listed above for each of us.

Understand that this energy has just gotten started and will be increasing heavily as we approach Aries season.

As always, I send you nothing but pure Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance during this time.

As above. So below. As within. So without. Asè.


For legal purposes, all divined messages are general. Listeners & readers are solely responsible for how they interpret the messages and AlcheMystic, Green House Alchemy & Scribe Godess takes no responsibility for individual listener & reader interpretation or action. These messages are solely for entertainment purposes only. Not to be used in place of professional advice whether legal, medical, business or financial. Please seek a legal professional for these areas.


3 responses to “Intuitive Quickie: Sneak Peek into what’s in store for each Modality during this Chinese New Year 🐂”

  1. Chloe Mullen-Wilson Avatar
    Chloe Mullen-Wilson

    Wow. Gemini here who just got a raise-for the exact(!) amount I wrote down and concentrated energies on to have in my savings this year. I feel ~in tune~ with some strong energy so I’m happy you’re seeing it too:)


    1. Congratulations Chloe! That’s some serious alignment right there. There is more coming towards you. Have an amazing weekend!


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