Self Reflection Check In! 12 February 2021

I hope all is well.

I just wanted to drop a Self Reflection worksheet for you today. There are a lot of energies floating around and some of us are really looking inwardly right now.

I have noticed some mentions about taking a break from social media or needing to change up routines.

Understand that if you feel this way, that is perfectly normal.

Know that we all need a break sometimes. There is a lot happening on both the inner and outer planes of existence that may, or may not, be affecting us all on many levels.

I am sending you Divine Protection & Love right now!

I made these worksheets about 3 days ago in preparation of the immense amount of astrological influence we are currently in. Today felt like the best day to share it with you.

This is more like an “energy check in” with yourself but if you feel the need to share your answers publicly please feel free to do so.

Pro Tip: If I were you, I would definitely bookmark this message for future reference. I have empowered it with reiki healing energy. You can always look back at it whenever you feel you need a boost of inner love and light.

Here is the link to the Self Reflection Activity.


For legal purposes, all divined messages are general. Listeners & readers are solely responsible for how they interpret the messages and AlcheMystic, Green House Alchemy & Scribe Godess takes no responsibility for individual listener & reader interpretation or action. These messages are solely for entertainment purposes only. Not to be used in place of professional advice whether legal, medical, business or financial. Please seek a legal professional for these areas.


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