Venus Friday: Venusian Star Energy + Jupiter Expansion = Dreams Fulfilled…Sensually & Sexually over the Valentine’s Day weekend

Venus is all about beauty, fame, money and our pleasures. Jupiter is all about expanding with fresh new starts, renewals, expansion around ideas, creativity, money and of course, LOVE! The Moon is currently 3 degrees Pisces as I type this message so yes (nods head excessively) I am very emotionally invested in this post, lol.

Some of you are about to be intertwined with some good lovin’ and fortune over the next 12 days. You definitely DESERVE it!

With Valentine’s day so close, I decided to keep this weekend’s posts very light & filled with l-o-v-e more than ever. So let’s have a bit of fun!

Venusian Friday’s are usually centered around sensuality on this blog but today I really want you to explore love, sexuality and sensuality fully immersed in all of the vibes Venus, Jupiter & the Moon are currently letting loose.

So, here we go!

I inserted one Gif 👀😜 to describe what Venus is “dropping off’ into your life while she is conjunct Jupiter. Use your own intuition to guide you through receiving the message. They are each separated by Venus placement. Refer to your natal chart to verify your Venus placement. Keep in mind you may feel certain emotions while intuitive connecting to each Gif…or not. 😬

Aries Venus…👇🏾

Taurus Venus…👇🏾

Gemini Venus…👇🏾

Cancer Venus…👇🏾

Leo Venus…👇🏾

Virgo Venus…👇🏾

Libra Venus…👇🏾

Scorpio Venus…👇🏾

Sagittarius Venus…👇🏾

Capricorn Venus…👇🏾

Aquarius Venus…👇🏾

Pisces Venus…👇🏾

Well…that was easy! I hope you had a little fun and were able to expand on the messages within each Gif. I am hoping to have more fun like this often. It allows you to develop your innate intuitive gifts while discerning. Plus it’s hella fun for me! 😝

Meet me back here next Venus Friday my high vibrational friends. Oh and check out the links below to read more of my posts and please follow this blog & comment below!

As above. So below. As within. So without.


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  1. Love this! So glad I found your blog

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