Stability is on it’s way! Don’t worry.

There is a very strong indication of an Aries energy bringing massive POWER back to the collective.

Know that this flow has most of you sitting in a “Queen of Pentacles” energy as the outcome. If you aren’t familiar with the Big QP (my personal reference for her, lol 😝) please research this tarot card. There is a message there for you! I recommend pulling her from your deck and carrying her around with you this week or screenshot an online photo her. Whatever energy I am calling forth I usually make that tarot card, or oracle card, my screensaver (another harnessing magic trick I’ll teach you all more about later😏…so stick around.)

The Big QP, for me as a reader, symbolizes Earthly Magic and Independence. She is strong because of these two parts of her always being at the forefront of anything she does. Her vibes are intrinsically connected to the Earth on so many levels. Whenever I pull a 9 of pentacles card, I see her all over that card as well. And that is exactly what is showing up here for many of you.

Today’s collective energy will shift due to this calming yet fiery Aries energy that backs all of this Big QP energy I see and feel. I have tweeted before that I believe a lot of you will notice many things roll out either during the next Full Moon in Aries or during Aries season. This energy clarifies what I have seen while scrying my crystal ball last week. Know that what is being given to you during this current phase will increase at a faster rate whenever Aries is involved during or around the next astrological placements/shifts.

You are going through something that is immersed in Divine Light. It is so pure that it automatically connects with the Earth and all of her magically attuned qualities. This connection is bringing about Financial Security & Emotional Security.

Think about it. When we are connected to the Earth she fills us from the bottom to the top with a wholeness and completeness you can never find anywhere else. The way the grass feels in between your toes. The way the ground feels beneath your feet. She heals you and provides for you on such a grounded level and there is absolutely no comparison to this. She just…gets you.

I am seeing fields of flowers of some kind. They are all mixed with yellow and pink buds but…there you stand. Right in the middle of the most beautiful field of dreams I have ever seen. Arms open wide as the wind glides over your entire being. She blows your clothing almost like she is breathing fresh, new air into your renewed, earthly body and right through to your soul. You breath her in without hesitation or fear.

You are calm. You are love in this space.

You are free now. You are ready to complete this celestial soul journey on this earthly plane of existence with more knowledge, more strength and more self love and independence than you ever imagined you would ever have.

You are awakened to the YOU that has been here all along.

The YOU that was locked away because of fear, anger, heartache and regret.

YOU are stable. You are secure. You are able.

Let no one tell you otherwise.

Now, my advise to you today is to settle this energy into your mind, body and spirit with the energy of 333. Align yourself by completing at least 3 soul fulfilling rituals with only yourself in mind. This fire within you needs feeding and YOU are the only one capable of doing so.

Soak in the tub with calming, purifying oils & lavender.

Place amplifying crystals (clear quartz) on your forehead and your heart as you lay arms open wide either on the floor, the ground outside (preferably) or on your bed. Visualize that field I mentioned before because I know you already saw yourself there. Think about all that growth & newness around you and all that you will do to continue to grow upon this fertile ground made available for you, now and forever.

Then take some time to think your next actions through.

Make a plan of action and just do it! (After this retrograde ends on the 21st tho 👀).

Just sit down somewhere peaceful & calming with your journal, iPad or notebook. Write freely because that plan you truly need and long for…has been right inside of you this ENTIRE time! You are now ready to reveal/unlock that piece of you so you can truly BE YOU!

Know that I am soooo proud of you! You made it this far, so you can make it even further. Never forget that!

As per usual, I send you nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection, & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without. Asè

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  1. Lovely post! And all your pictures are so beautiful 💚

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