Sun + Moon sign Horoscopes 15 February 2021

Sun + Moon sign Horoscopes 15 February 2021

How were your days of love and compassion for yourself and others?

I would love to hear about your experiences this weekend in the comments. Did you get engaged? Did you spend much needed wellness time alone? Or did you spend the day in bed watching movies with your fam like I did?

I spent the full day relaxing. I started with a workout and then a spiritual shower followed by a sensual bath with a white candle. I added some oils and lavender to the water and chilled out in straight quietness for almost an hour! It was amazing tbh. Then I watched all of my favorite movies. I usually don’t watch much television but when I do, I watch some of my favorite classics.

Any who…enough about that. Let’s jump right into why you are truly here.

I decided to pair Sun and Moon energies together this week. Mainly because I did absolutely nothing yesterday in regards to this here blog. I also felt an emotional bond between these two energies during my meditation today and yesterday. So, that’s how I’m going to deliver.

At the time of this intuitive writing, the Sun is currently 27 degree Aquarius and the Moon is currently 11 👀 degree Aries.

I won’t add in my usual collective energy messages before the horoscopes this time because I honestly just dropped an Intuitive Quickie giving you all of the tea you need today. I would advise you read that message first, then come back here.

To receive these messages properly, refer to your Sun sign placement and then your Moon sign placement.

These messages are 100% intuitive with zero use of Tarot. Yeah…real life Seer vibes over here only! I send you nothing but the highest vibrations of the Sun & Moon as you read.

♈︎ aries: I was shown wet lands but the rain was actually in reverse. It was as if the energies of the skies were removing something too wet for you. I feel as though you may be in a place where everything is too flooded. Flooded emotions. Flooded resentment. Flooded with pain. Spirit is now stepping in to reverse this energy for you. Where things may have felt over flooded there will be a leveling out of some sort. You will be left with moisture but not like it was before. Change is definitely afoot.

♉︎ taurus: I was shown a door opening with a shadow of light beaming through it. In it’s doorway stood you, dear Taurus Sun & Moon signs. You are leaving something behind here though. I feel like you are standing here gazing at what’s been left behind. You will need to turn around now though. There is nothing for you back there because the light is coming from the other side of you in this doorway. Please turn towards the brightness that is waiting for you. You are right there! I can see it and feel it.

♊︎ gemini: I think you are rushing towards something great. I was shown railroad tracks but instead of being inside of the train I was standing on top. The tracks were below me so I had an aerial view of them going under the train as it sped up. Whatever this is there is Strength around it. I felt very strong as I stood there atop the head of the train. You aren’t worried anymore dear Gemini placements. You are allowing this train to take you where you are destined to be because you aren’t even concerned to look up at the horizon anymore. You just want to get to where you are meant to be. The strong will and determination inside of you right now is driving the train. I could feel it in my arms almost like you had enough strength to fly if you wanted to. You are really being taken someplace higher this week and I am very proud of you!

♋︎ cancer: There is a lighthouse here. No light at the top like a traditional lighthouses but there was famine below. Burned homes and dismantled buildings. Out of all of that still stood a firm lighthouse. You are tired, I feel. Hence no guiding light in my vision. You have endured a lot emotionally but physically…you are built for this. So much has happened and has unfolded around you during your time on this earthly plane but I truly feel you have cried enough for all that has been lost. You are standing tall in the mist of it all and you are ready to prove to yourself that you can do this.

♌︎ leo: Cheetah energy is here for you, dear Leo Sun & Moon placements. You are moving right along without any doubts or fears this week. I was simply shown cheetah prints for you…that’s all. You have embodied that Cheetah energy this week whether you know it or not. A Cheetah is fast as hell! And swift as hell. There is an energy coming at you very fast this week but you are more than prepared because you are already at that same pace. No need to catchup nor get prepared because I feel as though you were already prepared for this. You came to this space ready so the energy that will be working to bring what you desire is directly aligned with you in this very moment. If at any time you feel as though you can’t do this…think of all that you worked so hard for because so much is running directly towards you this week.

♍︎ virgo: There is a white curtain blowing in a window here. There isn’t a message around this. I am being shown this for whoever may be reading this horoscope with an all white cotton or lenin curtain on their window right now. You are in a city landscape. I can see many buildings around outside of this window. But this could apply to past and future energy as it is fluid so keep that in mind. There is definitely something being highlighted here around a garden symbolic of growth. I really, really feel like this message is for some of the Virgo Sun & Moon placements that recently moved into a new place in the city (or you are daydreaming about a new place in the city) because I keep hearing “Oh, so you think you grown now?” around this. Please tell whomever this is questioning your ability to make sound decisions for your future, “Yes! Exactly. I am grown and I will do everything I have set out to do.” Period! This is not the season for people being able to cross the boundaries you have set. So, carry on.

♎︎ libra: Wow, Libra. Your energy is definitely strong right now and centered in Truth. I was shown the pillars of truth. I feel like you have made the conscious decision to stand in your truth from here on out. I also feel like you might have bent on that a little too much in the past. So, now you are seeking & expecting the same truth from others as well. Please know that your energy may be progressing faster than others around you so act with compassion. You are very much not here for lies and half truths right now. My posture even changed when I tapped into your energy. It’s very much “sit up straight” kind of energy. I say this because the body can really speak for itself in many ways. Posture can tell so much about a person’s energy. I feel like some of you might even be carrying around the Justice tarot card with you or you are meditating heavily with it. Or possibly calling on Ma’at and wearing an Ankh. You are focused on only drawing in energy that is aligned with Truth & Transparency. This is amazing but please understand that with truth comes balance as well. There is an emphasis on inner and outward balance.

♏︎ scorpio: What are you sweeping away, dear Scorpio Sun & Moons? I just saw someone with multiple brooms sweeping like crazy. You were sweeping until the broom broke and then you would grab another. I feel like you are really focused on cleaning house! You are clearing away everything that no longer serves you and with intense intention too 🥵. You may be getting rid of old clothing, old furniture, & old rugs right now. I just feel an energy of you wanting to get rid of everything that is old. This is amazing but slow down a bit. I honestly feel like you might be getting rid of too much. You may want to keep some of the things that truly mean something to you. For a small group of you 👀 I see you! You are completing a broom ritual and it will be successful. I see natural broomsticks so yeah…that’s all imma say about that.

♐︎ sagittarius: There is a bull here on a shelf, lol. I laughed when it appeared because it was standing up like a real life bull looking at me dead in my face. I feel like some of you might have some Taurus placements or you are currently dealing with one. You, or this other person, are not budging on something. It’s like you are ready for a face off, if you need to, but you are perfectly fine handling this at a distance, hence the bull being on the shelf and not on the ground where it actually belongs 😂. I honestly feel like this might be fun for you. Maybe this message is for a few Sagittarius lawyers, idk. But you are having fun doing this to whoever deserves this stare down. If this is a legal standoff…you will definitely win. (Side note: Your energy was hilarious btw. I could not stop laughing at that dang bull 😂🤣🤣.)

♑︎ capricorn: I was shown a metal staircase for you, dear Capricorn. I could see you laying down a metal plate to cover a step that was already there. I feel like you are working to build from what has already been built. Kind of like a renovation energy. You are going forward and fixing the broken pieces right now. There is a sense of you really wanting to make this stairway to wherever you are headed, very sturdy. The staircase was already made of metal in the first place so that’s a statement in itself! You are definitely going to be achieving more on atop of whatever you have built so far. If it’s love…it will deepen. If it’s a business…it will grow. If it’s your career…it will improve tremendously. Whatever this is you have built on solid foundation already will be bigger and better than ever. No real change of course or actions here. I just feel like you already know what works so you focusing on building more of it.

♒︎ aquarius: You are completely and fully in your own energy, Aquarius. I just see stars all over the place. There is greenery here shaped like stars. A city of stars. In tarot you are represented by the Star card and although I don’t use tarot for my horoscopes there is an energy of the star card being here. I just keep seeing you being fully balanced both spiritually and physically. You are learning to allow your star to shine through it all mainly because you now understand the spiritual aspect of your life more. You are leaning more on this part of yourself these days and it is showing. For a small group of you, please remember to be a star you must have balance within the spiritual worlds and the physical worlds. Continue to pour into both without neglecting either.

♓︎ pisces: Someone is holding you up on their shoulders or the other way around. This is symbolic of a younger you possibly being held up by the now wiser you. I feel like you are allowing yourself to bask away in the innocence of all things right now but you are standing fully on your wisdom & trust. I feel like you are becoming very knowledgeable these days. Some of you may have fallen a bit too deep down the rabbit hole though. Remember to come up for air sometimes, dear Pisces Suns & Moons. Don’t allow this need for knowledge to turn into obsession. You can sometimes become very tied to things emotionally. Give yourself a break and spend some time away from your studies to connect with the many other beautiful parts of you.


For legal purposes, all messages are general messages. Viewers are solely responsible for how they interpret all readings and takes no responsibility for individual viewers interpretation or action. The viewer is responsible for their own life actions. For entertainment & inspirational purposes only. Not to be used in place of professional advice whether legal, medical, business or financial. Please seek a legal professional for these areas.

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