Book of Magick: The Miras

The Miras

Projecting from one cluster to the next, Akasha fueled by the powers of the five elements, leaped across one hundred stars in less than a second leaving her younger sisters Stella, Nova and Selah behind. Although they were all accustomed to Akasha showing off, Stella could not resist shouting out to Akasha for what seemed like the billionth time, “Stop showing off, Akasha! We all know how fast and powerful you are!” As always, Nova and Selah mouthed Stella’s exact words to each other in confidence of not being caught but this time Stella turned around just before Nova and Selah’s lips approached the last words. They pause in shock still facing each other but catching Stella’s energetic form in the corners of their eyes. Not knowing exactly how long Stella had been watching them mock her for entertainment, they looked at each other in silence turning around slowly and then projected off to the next star. Stella chased behind them yelling, “How long have you both been doing this to me?” The echoes of their laughter crossed dimensions where Godis Yayah could hear them as she connected planes of existence to each planet and back to the stars with one motion of her wand.

Every night, this is their task. Recharging the 800 stars of the Pleiades before heading off to The Medium while balancing the Worlds Within Worlds. This marked the beginning of a long night as their Energy filled bodies crossed each constellation, they understood which pieces of this universal star-lit puzzle were their responsibilities both individually and as the seven Godis of the Pleiades. Each of them, born into this cosmic world one galaxy at a time, understanding that this task was their destiny and it could only be completed if they were all together…forever.

Just as each sister completed their Divine tasks, they landed with plenty of time to spare before the gathering at The Medium. One Godis landing after another in divine order forming a circle in front of their crystalized Mira. First Godis Akasha, followed by Godis Stella, then Godis Yayah, Godis Divina, Godis Celestine, Godis Nova and Godis Selah. While on the job their bodies are filled with energy flowing of different colors directly aligned with each other’s frequencies connecting across all timelines and all planes of existence as One celestial body. As they form their landing circle their bodies return back to a beautiful bluish green. Their hair returns to a glistening emerald decorated with every constellation and every star of the upper and lower skies. Their eyes blue with remnants of forty-four planets surrounded by two moons and two suns. 

As the leader of the seven sisters, Akasha’s last responsibility of the night was to make sure they were all just as they left. As usual, Godis Akasha noticed that all was well and gave her sisters the wink of solidarity which granted permission for them to lower their light beams from their crowns. Immediately the landing circle breaks as they rush towards each other to embrace as their auras pulsate a vibrant green, one Godis after another. A pulsating beam from their chest acknowledged their unconditional love for each other. Each of them understand that this is their destiny. They know that all they have is each other so each time they are together it is a celebration of pure love before going back into The Medium.

The Miras reflected the millions of images of the sisters as the few moments together in stillness felt like years. With every embrace they shared stories of their experiences while they were apart. They connected by vibrational match as their memories flowed into waters of emotions running down their faces. Each vibration told a new story of their lives outside of The Pleiades. The Miras were magically enchanted as storage systems for their thoughts and memories over the last one hundred million galaxies. This is how they communicated with each other…not through words. With their crowns lowered they were able to see through each other’s eyes. They were able to collect data and track each other’s progress. The Miras made this possible and with every second they each took advantage to become a vibrational match with the other sister’s passions and desires during this lifetime. They watched while expecting to be surprised by each of their choices and decisions whilecomparing them to what they chose during the previous lifetimes. They could ask each other for advice and guidance during this time together. Their time at the Miras is the most cherished.

Images of their nieces and nephews growing up, weddings to graduations to driving lessons and track meets. They were all there. In this space they felt safe. They felt free to be who they truly are while also being grateful for their responsibilities outside of The Pleiades. But being together was fulfilling and restorative. The appreciation they have for one another is what keeps them grounded while apart. The unconditional love for one another is what allows them to enter The Medium to continue their mission. They knew that no matter what they could always reconnect with each other where the stars align…across all timelines.

Thanks for making it this far into my Book of Magick. Until the next world within worlds is revealed find me where the stars align….across all timelines.

© 2021 Katrina Long.  All rights reserved

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