3 Week Astrological Year Detox in Pisces Season

It’s now right before Aries season hits & right after the calendar year renews and you are wondering how to start this astrological year off right.

If you are anything like me, you are not only focused on your spiritual alignment and growth…you are also focused on your physical health.

Last year, I transitioned from eating meat and then moved forward with doing the same for my family. I know you have heard this time and time again but to be honest, I have never felt more connected to the Earth and all of it’s creations! This isn’t a My Life As Vegan post because I am nothing of the sort. My body feels amazing and I have so much energy but I cannot sit here and say I don’t slip up a time or two.

So, what is my Astrological Year Detox? Well, it’s very simple (just like most of the tips I share). I usually wait until 3 weeks after the calendar year renews to begin this specific detox. My goal is to reset the energy flow of my mind, body and spirit. I prefer to do this during Aquarius season because she is basically the bearer of water. And water cleanses and purifies right? I know, Aquarius is an air sign but that just adds to the punch.

During Aquarius season we are more likely to want to learn more and analyze even more. We are highly focused on growth and stimulation of the mind. I use this energy as an advantage during my detox. I tend to have so many creative ideas during this time of the astrological year. I am also more motivated to try new things and change up my personal look.

With that being said, the boost of confidence needed to complete a 3 week detox is right there for you to harness appropriately for the highest good of you!

So, I first begin a couple of days before the end of Capricorn season with a plan. I document my workout schedule and increase it a bit. I don’t come up with outlandish things to implement because I want to keep it practical. I then select the day that I will begin and set alarms to remind me when to start each step.

For example, during this detox I typical workout 3 times a day but they are very simple forms. I am up at 5 am everyday ready to complete my morning walk/run with the hubster. When I return home, I kick it up a notch and complete a 20 minute Jumprope HIIT workout. I take my shower and keep it moving towards my morning herbal tea. I like to stock my shelves with a ridiculous amount of herbs but during this detox I am only interested in herbs that will give me the energy to complete my day while cleansing and purifying my body.

Oh yeah…I forgot to mention that I only drink my meals during this 3 week detox (my bad 🙆🏾‍♀️). But honestly I am not sorry for leaving that out…or not lol😝 . In fact, I planned it out because I knew you would not read this entire post if I started with btw I eat absolutely no solid food for 3 weeks straight! Am I right?

Any way. I make a delicious blueberry smoothie with oats and Nutella for the entire fam around 11:30 am every single day so that’s considered meal one for me. In between each of these so-called “meals” I drink herbal teas and of course alkaline water as per usual. Smoothie number two is my mid-day smoothie. I usually drink a leafy green based smoothie with Spurilina, Moringa & Chlorella powder while I prepare dinner for the bambinos (my children) around 3 pm each day. I like to get dinner done early because at 4:30 pm I am booked for the gym with the hubster. We usually spend around 30-45 minutes in the gym. I love the leg press machine, the row and free weights. So that’s basically what I stick to.

Just as an FYI…I was runner for most of my life (sprinter to be exact) so I usually stick to what I know works for my body and by “works” I mean those workouts that provide me with fast results! That is truly my motivation in the gym because if I am going to the gym for more than 2 weeks and don’t see any resemblance of a new body or improved body…I’m OUT! My body has a pretty good muscle memory that I have heavily relied upon for over 30 years now.

So back to the next step of this 3 week detox, lol. After our gym workouts, we head back to our house to snatch up the bambinos for about an hour walk near the beach at sunset (5:30 pm). Most times I feed them dinner before we head out but often times they prefer to eat after the walk and I don’t blame them.

We of course shower and dinner is served to the bambinos. I enjoy a cup of hot tea most likely something with lemon or I add a lemon to it. My last “meal” of the day is right before going to bed. I make a Cacao powder based smoothie with other goodies inside. The hubster and I usually get a sweet tooth around this time so it’s only right to have the smoothie packed in protein and cacao last.

And that’s basically it!

The point of this post is to motivate you to honor your body in this next phase. Do it in a way that pleases YOU! No one has to know. This is all about you and aligning your mind, body and spirit.

I hope you like these kinds of personal posts. I told you in my about me page to not box me into just my shamanic ways. I am multi-dimensional and I love to write about everything. Sharing my tips and tricks outside of alchemy…well i guess this alchemy as well but it is definitely what I like to refer to as Lifestyle Alchemy.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


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