Today is the best day for Scripting 19 February 2021

During my meditation this morning, I was shown that many of us have so many blessings coming towards us during Pisces season starting this week as soon as the MR is over.

I won’t go into much detail about what I was shown but know that if you aren’t familiar with Scripting, I am here to guide you through it.

If you are calling forth energies for love to settle into your home without condition or children to be born healthy and of sound mind or that dream job or even that dream home…Scripting is definitely needed at this time.

Anything that you have been calling forth into your energetic space needs guidance and energy grounded in passion and emotion on your part first. This energy connection attaches us to what we are calling forth on a much deeper level than a simple spell jar or burning bay leaves. Although these are great options but at this time we are being asked to Script.

When we are scripting we are really creatively writing out how we desire all of these things to settle into our lives.

We are using “spell-ings”👀 to tell the Universe, God, Spirit (basically whomever you call upon for help) exactly how we want it to appear.

Understand that scripting is very different from journaling.

When we journal we use spellings that describe something that we are wishing for or how we feel about something that has already happen. Such as gratitude journals, dream journals, tarot/oracle journals and spiritual message journals.

When we are scripting we are actually telling the story as if it has already happened even though it hasn’t. The emotions that arise from within you when you write things like, “I am currently working my dream job as an editor at X magazine where my works are published for the world to see. I love being able to log into my computer to read all of the ideas submitted by my team for edits.” The emotions are far beyond compare to a simple journal entry. You actually feel yourself sitting in the energy of these things actually happening for the very first time.

This is exactly how I want you to script your goals, ambitions and dreams out today. The universe supports this fully!

I have been saying how we are needing to be clear on what we are calling forth into our lives for this next phase.

Scripting is the key to that.

So, today your task is to grab a notebook and start writing your life down on paper with preferably a BLUE 👀 ink pen. We aren’t banishing anything so BLACK 👀 ink pens are not required this time around. I will get into that later on in the astrological year though. (That’s code for a post has already been drafted explaining BLACK pen usage but I am waiting on my guides to tell me when the appropriate time for me to post it. 🤫😏😎)

Let me share an easy way I script out my life. Now, I usually don’t share anything personal with anyone, especially business dealings or major purchases so I use my scripting journal as a release of this information to a pretend nosey a** friend. 😝

We all have them so don’t do me, okay!🧐🤨 We all have that associate, friend, or family member that can’t help but to ask you all of the juicy questions, aka invasion of privacy questions, just so they can run and tell it to everyone else.

I basically pretend my scripting journal is that nosey a** friend or family member. I tell them EVERYTHING! Mercury goes to town in that journal and spills all of the tea, okay. 😝

I lay out how I am feeling around certain blessings that have “already” manifested. Remember we are making them believe this has already happened so if emotions arise while scripting 🗣KEEP WRITING! The more passion behind the pen = the more magic 🪄 from within.

Show appreciation like this: “I am so grateful for my brand new minimalistic home that I spent so much time searching for and planning for. It feels amazing to come home every day to something that I created by purposefully saving money for. My home has four bedrooms and four en-suite baths for each of my children to sleep comfortably. We have an open kitchen where we work together to make healthy meals for the entire household. Dinner convos at our dining room table are the highlight of my evenings. My heart is so full when I look around and see their smiling faces. My large family room has so many windows allowing for the sun and nature to peek through on the daily. I was so excited when I finally got the keys to this place. It’s finally mine and I feel content and fulfilled knowing that it’s mine.”

Call forth like this: “My new role as Director of the Cyber Security firm makes me feel like my career is on the right track. I have an amazing salary that allows me to save for my future and no longer live paycheck to paycheck. My children’s future is secure and I enjoy having enough money left over to help out my parents, siblings or donate to organizations I feel passionate about. I make the conscious decision every single day to be appreciative of all the many blessings that flow to me and through me because of my newfound understanding of the energetic flow of money. I am never without or in need anymore. Monetary gain & stability is always here for me with ease and comfort without harm to any others. I clearly understand work-life balance and how my financial security provides for my future in so many ways. When I first received the offer letter for this role I was so surprised but so happy at the same time. It was completely unexpected that the firm would offer me the exact salary I needed. I knew this role was sent from the heavens to me and for that I am beyond grateful. I cried tears of joy as I saw my future shifting towards better days and generosity. I am looking forward to traveling the world on my paid vacation time and spending much needed quality time with my family or significant other. Things are definitely moving in the right direction.”

Feel these words as you write them. Sometimes it helps to speak them out loud as you script. The emotions will flow through you allowing you to become aligned with the energetic frequency that alerts the universe (or whomever) that these are your TRUE DESIRES!

🗣Please don’t attempt to script an entire journal/notebook in one sitting!!! I usually script out what I am calling forth during each Full Moon since she illuminates and energizes.

At this time of this post, you have 8 days before the next Full Moon in Virgo on 28 February. Use this time wisely. I also recommend reading your script out loud to the Full Moon or during your Full Moon rituals. Just a suggestion but I usually do this during my Full Moon rituals as it has proven to be the most effective.😏

I hope this post is helpful to many. I know my posts are viewed around 30-50 times per hour on WordPress so please feel free to share them with family members and other social media platforms so we can get those number up even higher.

My celestial teachings are for the highest good of all so please don’t hesitate to share them.My goal is to assist everyone that is open and willing to learn.

As a brand new blog the current views are actually amazing and I am so grateful for all of you readers and followers of the ScribeGodess blog. I promise to continue to provide all of the spiritual guidance and sacred wisdom I am led to share with you.

Please don’t forget to scroll down to like this post & leave a comment below.😘

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


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