Mercury Stations Direct Aquarius Oracle Spread…You should know how to do on your own! 20 February 2021

Guess what? We made it!

We are officially out of the very first Mercury retrograde of 2021. Now what?

Well my guidance to you today is to pull out your favorite oracle cards to receive messages from your higher self while under this newly direct energy. Grab a pencil and a journal or notebook too because we’ve got some work to do…together.

This is a very simple spread with guided questions.

Soon you will have full access to my favorite spreads but for now, this will do. 😏

The first thing you want to do is center yourself. Do this in whichever way feels comfortable to you. I prefer to sit comfortably after smoke clearing my sacred space and tools. I use Selenite crystal wands to sit on top of my cards to clear their energies as well. Call in your guides and ancestors who are here for your highest good and sit in that energy for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing and allow the thoughts to flow through your mind, body & spirit. Don’t ever block where your mind takes you! 🧐🤨

This is just like completing a short meditation…so you can keep your eyes open. Closing your eyes during meditation sometimes makes you fall asleep or creates an subconscious issue with meditating in spaces you can’t close your eyes. And if there is anything I have learned from Monk Gelong in my Mindfulness studies is that you always want to sit upright comfortably. Hands on the lower part of the thighs near the knees and keep your eyes open. Focus on something directly in front you and allow your mind to free flow.

Now, whenever you feel ready you can advise your higher self and guides that you are going to pull cards for guidance in regards to, in this case, Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius. Speak to them as long as you deem necessary and then move forward with the card pulls.

I like to shuffle until my guides advise me to stop but if you aren’t comfortable with that just follow your own inner guidance and shuffle until you feel as though the cards are ready to speak to you. When I first started working with oracle cards, I connected with them each energetically. I can feel when my decks have something to say even when they aren’t in the room with me. I will definitely teach you more about how to do this as we progress on this blog.

You are now in the much easier part. If you have shuffled, I recommend intuitively pulling from the stack for this spread. If you are experienced, you can continue to shuffle while asking the following questions. Cards will most likely jump out on their own if you are already connected to the deck you chose to use.

I will list each card with numbers so you can lay them out starting from the far left working your way to the right…just like writing a sentence. I will explain why afterwards.

Card 1: Please show me clearly the energy currently around me?

Card 2: Please show me clearly the energy of Mercury?

Card 3: Please show me clearly what obstacles lie ahead for me during this transit?

Card 4: Please show me clearly what lessons I have learned during the Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius?

Card 5: Please show me clearly any Communication guidance Mercury is bringing towards me?

Card 6: Please show me clearly what ways I can embrace this guidance?

Card 7: Please show me clearly what messages Mercury Direct in Aquarius has for me?

Card 8: Please show me clearly any additional guidance Mercury has for me?

If you have pulled cards intuitively the next step should be quite easy because you most likely pulled one card per question. If you are advanced and have jumpers lined up this might be a bit complicated but I doubt it.

So now you are going to take a few deep breaths in and out while looking back at that space you chose to focus on while meditating earlier. This is to prepare your mind to receive the messages clearly.

Take your time and review Card 1 because it will formulate the direction of the answers given in the remaining 7 cards. What I usually advise beginners & intermediate learners is to read the messages associated with each card and write down a few words that resonate with you in your journal. I keep a tarot journal and an oracle for my own personal reference and I advise you to do the same. There will be a digital journal available soon on my portfolio page…so hold this space.😎 You will need this to follow along with my celestial teachings in the future.

Okay, so now you have went through all 7 cards and read the messages attached to them. How do you feel? I hope enlightened because now it’s time to write ✍️

You are going to formulate your own sentences from all that has been revealed to you for this Mercury direct in Aquarius energy. Each of the resonated words should help formulate 1-3 sentences of guidance to you, by you. Please try not to write exactly what the cards say or what the guidebooks might say. You should create sentences of guidance to yourself from the words that resonated with you the most. Begin there and just continue to write freely. Repeat this for every card.

And boom! You now have guidance shown to you clearly and divined by you clearly for Mercury stationing direct in Aquarius. Congratulations!🎉🎊🎈🍾

Easy, right?! 🌞

There is no additional advise for me to give you on this part because this is how I am teaching you to rely on your own intuitive to discern which messages are for you and for you to connect with your higher self in new ways with creative intuitive activities.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or just drop me a note to let me know you have completed this activity.

You can do this with any transit btw. It’s a very simple intuitive exercise I believe we all should know how to complete at any time. As a celestial teacher, I believe that everyone should know and understand the basics of intuitive card pulls. So, I’m here to teach you.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


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