Intuitive Quickie: “Delivery” energy of something you have been wishing for has entered the timeline

Today, I recommend you grounding and clearing your space. I’m just going to put this out there right in the beginning of this intuitive quickie.

During my morning meditation, I saw multiple messages around “delivery.”

These messages were rooted in desires and wish fulfillment in regards to emotional things and material things. The emotional aspect is actually showing up as an after affect. Meaning you will be very happy when this happens for you. But whenever there is a clear sign of something this emotionally fulfilling coming towards the collective, including myself, I begin with grounding that energy immediately with my singing bowls. This is a technique that I personally use mainly because singing bowls are a major part of my divination practices. I use them for healing, balancing, grounding and clearing. This is my way of answering the universal flow of things with a big, YES! We want this. All of this. 😜

I grounded the energy with a singing bowl I intentionally use for root chakra and sacral chakra divination. I then smoked my space out with the intention for “all that is meant for the collective, and any extension of collective, will be allowed to enter this timeline in alignment with the highest vibrations of love.”

I say this to you all because the message I received for the collective was simply, “there is a delivery for you.”

I feel this energy intensely in my heart space and it is centered around compassion for others. There is a heavy generosity energy here as well that is actually ushering this “delivery” into your space right now.

Some of you have been waiting patiently for your turn to have all that is aligned with the highest vibrations and today you will be receiving just that. I honestly see this coming in as a complete surprise for many of you. A generous amount of whatever this may be will have you feeling FULFILLED!

This “delivery” does not necessarily have to be material gain but I am only being shown material gain here as of right now. There is enough here for you to do whatever you have been working so hard to do. There is also collaboration energy here for some of you as well.

Sorry, if this message isn’t as deep or profound as the many others or even as motivational as the others. I can only delivery to you what has been given to me to DELIVER 👀. Today, the message was straight forward and simple because that’s what you need right now. Direct communication minus any confusion.

I hope this message resonates but if it doesn’t that’s okay…for now. Time is fluid and even if this doesn’t’ show up for you on today it doesn’t mean it’s not on it’s way. Stay positive. Align yourself with the highest vibes and you will continue to attract just that!

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


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