Full Moon in Virgo: A Clearing is here

“A clearing that feels cool and fresh” is what I heard, saw and felt while meditating on the energy of the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th of February.

Fyi…this message was pre-typed on 25 Feb which gives a little insight of how strong & determined it was to show itself to me very early on. I usually don’t channel these detailed messages until right beforehand.

I was shown a freshwater creek flowing freely across white rocks towards a very tall tree.

The energies Spirit clarified this vision with were: Sun in Capricorn & Mars in Capricorn with a very spontaneous + enthusiastic new beginning around a clarity of purpose vibe being heavily influenced by Uranus. This is all being backed up by Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Cancer & Sun in Taurus energies.

At the forefront of these energies are Venus in Aries (confident fresh starts with love for oneself taking center stage) and Mars in Leo (strong, creative persistence). This has building your own kingdom energy all over it!

The outcome is showing up as a Moon in Aquarius energy coming in very fast which explains the fresh water creek shown to me. Check your natal placements for keys that correlate with these energies. Please keep in mind that whenever I list influential astro energies like this that doesn’t mean they have to be in your chart necessarily nor any world events charts. These energies are shown to me as indicators of timeline influences within the messages I receive and deliver to you from multiple realms & dimensions.

Uranus is playing a major role during this Full Moon in Virgo because we are being guided towards our very own 6 of wands here. This means progress, victory, confidence and achievement. For some of you, this could mean public recognition as well because I was shown a stage in regards to this. FYI…on the 26th of February the Sun sextile Uranus meaning “unfoldments” will be happening on the daily from then throughout the 4th of March and probably even further on. 👀

There is an innocence that is so freeing here for so many of you. You will feel comfortable in this energy. I’m seeing that the Moon being in Leo right before it transitions into Virgo has a lot to do with this next chapter in our lives. I feel like we are returning to what we dreamt of achieving as a child. Sometimes this can show up as not wanting the same things you thought were good for you because you don’t feel the freedom you once felt as a child. Free to think and do what makes you feel amazing is the focus. Most of us will be abandoning old thought processes as well. There is no normalization around this because you are determining what your normal looks and feels like. It feels very much like the “new me is the true me” here.

To clarify this a bit more for my Astro Diviner’s & Tarot readers/followers, if you take the Fool Card (Uranus), the 4 of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) & the 3 of Pentacles (Mars in Capricorn) this will show you what I am seeing a bit more clearly. “You are the Architect of your own life” vibes right here for sure. The Kabbalistic letter for the Fool (speaking in estoreric here) means Aleph which means Ox! We just celebrated the Chinese New Year as the Year of the Ox.👀

Read more about that here: Intuitive Quickie: Sneak Peek into what’s in store for each modality during this Chinese New Year.

Do you see how this now comes full circle? Do you understand now how time is fluid? The effects of the Year of the Ox energy will show up for us within & after the Full Moon in Virgo. Not to mention that this is the very last Full Moon in this Astrological Year. Our next New Moon in Pisces (while we are in Pisces season btw so brace yourselves for that double whammy of Piscean energies with both the Sun + Moon 🧘🏾‍♀️)  will be on March 13th. Our very first Full Moon of the new astrological year will be on the 22nd of March and the Moon will be in Libra ⚖️ Like wtf?? Lol 😝

A full balancing of the scales to jump off the Astrological Year beginning in Aries season on the 21st of March? Sign me up!

I’m exhausted typing all of that out and feeling the emotions around it all 🥺🎉🪂🎁🧨🔥🧯🥵🤣.

What I am saying to you is that this Full Moon in Virgo will be a “Clearing” one. We are being influenced by so much water energy + inner child flow for the remainder of this Astro year leading up to the next Astro year. How do you truly feel about that? Tbh…I feel excited! I feel like we are going to be breaking into a fresh new Astro year with a fresh new start (fresh new looks for many of you😏) which means there are fresh new beginnings, fresh new ideas and fresh new desires available for us if we want them. Basically, we will have many options in this next phase.

Twitter reference: Creativity & True Self shown in image revamps!

It’s like we are being born again in a sense. Yes! Rebirths during Pisces season!! Woot! Woot! 🙌🏾💃🏽

I truly love change around free flowing energies because it keeps things new and open. I don’t see a lot of Foundations changing so don’t fret. I actually see them strengthening more than anything.

Twitter Reference: Pisces season energies to be expected!

Understand that Venus has entered Pisces as well so there will be challenges around our Emotional connections to home related things as we cross over into March. I am seeing “1111” so these are challenges that make way for Enlightenment, Attunement & Spiritual Growth as a whole. Compassion for one another is key here too. 

Twitter Reference: Venus in Pisces

Now, there is also a stagnant energy here that will be released. This refers to the creek actually “flowing” in the vision I was given in regards to this aspect. Passionate offers surround this as well but I see more of home related issues being highlighted here for many of the collective.

Understand that your DNA light codes are being activated as well. I am being shown our “DNA as rainbows” here. There will be a shift inside and out for many of us. Something that has been moving slow to heal or clear out is finally moving out of our way during this Full Moon phase. Pay attention to your dreams at this time. I feel like I always say that around the Full Moon. Honestly, it’s because you are actually becoming “full” during this specific moon phase more than any other. Meaning your mind, body and spirit are being filled with all that is meant for your highest good. In order for this to happen, constant contact with your the higher you, aka your highest self 👀, has to be at the center of everything.

At the forefront of this light code activation, here you stand with more than a game plan for action based blessings. You are renewed and prepared for crossing new horizons.

I hope with resonates with the masses because thats exactly what was shown to me as being highly affected by the Full Moon in Virgo.

As per usual, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Asè 🤲🏾


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