Last New Moon of this Astro Year: Make a Wish! It may come true.

It’s about that time again folks!

The New Moon is near and we are connected on a level like no other when it comes to compassion for ourselves and others.

You most likely experienced a highly emotional week thanks to Neptune, the Sun and all of these Pisces energies centered around the inner workings of our minds, bodies and spiritual attunement in regards to our individual paths and alignment.

As mentioned on twitter right here 👇🏾

We are moving away from last astrological year so it’s only right that we “wrap up” all of our hidden emotional trauma before entering fast moving Aries season.

What intrigues me the most about this week, is all of the good karmic rewards grounded in luck and backed by the notorious vibes of fire energy that is aligned with what’s to come for many of us in the next astrological year. There is a major starting over vibe here for many of us to indulge in.

On top of all of that, my most favorite part about this New Moon is that it will begin it’s New Phase in Pisces but quickly transition into Aries!!! Like how crazy is that? I am excited about this because it explains all of the fire energy I have been screaming about all over twitter since last November. Aries will be settling in nicely even before the “New” 👀 Astrological year begins!

So, when you decipher how the universe is speaking to us you will be just as excited as I am.

The embedded code here clearly shows that during this “New” Moon Phase we are given the opportunity to work out all of the little emotionally binding or hindering kinks in our lives. (This is all karmic related so keep that in mind as you continue to read. 😏) Then we are quickly jolted into fast action due to our “Newfound” emotional stability while still under the influence of the “New” Moon Phase but…in Aries fashion!

We are being given the opportunity to jumpstart the next Astrological Year a whole 7 days early! The New Moon happens on the 13th and Aries season begins on the 20th. 🗣 SEVEN days!

In numerology, the number SEVEN has so many angelic elements and meanings to it. Basically, you are going to be able to unlock your luck and destiny due to all of the hard work you have completed around SELF during the last Astrological Year. The universe is so generous about giving you enough time to “wrap things up” with yourSELF that it provides emotional support & guidance right at the top of the “New” Moon in Pisces and then says, Let’s go! Now! when it quickly enters Aries.

My question for you is, are you going to ensure you are ready to complete this mission, both inwardly and outwardly? Or will you ignore the universe obvious ploy to get your attention on yourSELF?

I’m just saying the Sun and Moon will both be in emotionally intuitive Pisces! Like, really? You have to see what I see here.

Not to be redundant but the Moon in Scorpio on March 3rd actually pushed us all into the direction of discovering all that was hidden just so we could complete our universal task progressively & aggressively titled, “wrap that sh** up!”

Now, let’s get to work! Shall we?

Below you will find your New Moon ritual and worksheet. We are going to first focus on acknowledging the FACT that there is a very intense Angelic energy surrounding you at this time. I have been shown Archangel Michael (Warrior), Archangel Jophiel (Inner & Outer Love for Self & others) and Archangel Gabriel (Strength & Forward Movement & Birth).

For some of you, Lord Krishna is also here answering a previous request from possibly months to a year ago. I am seeing you might have also called in Ganesh again recently as well to help remove obstacles and blocks associated with your blessings being on temporary hold. This part of the message is only for those of you that work with these energies regularly. Do not attempt to apply this to your situation if this is foreign to you.

Lastly, there are certain deities that have shown up for many as per your altar requests throughout the last astrological year. Many of you called on their help. Now the stars have aligned in your favor because you have put in the hard work and they are showing back up with a very special delivery for you. I was shown Oshun representing the Sun (Generosity & Gifts), Aphrodite representing Venus (Romantic Love, Beauty & Wealth), and Lakshmi representing Fortune plain and clear (Destiny & Soul Contracts). This may apply to those of you who have been calling forth the energy of these planets and not the deities. Understand that they are showing themselves to me because they are being sent to deliver your requests.

What happens next is completely up to you but the worksheet attached will definitely begin with Gratitude for all of this energy surrounding the collective.

Download the file below to get started!

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance during this very auspicious time for the collective.

I’m excited for you! Are you excited? I think we are ALL excited! 😝🤪

As above. So below. As within. So without.


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