New Moon Ritual for when the Moon enters Aries

Happy New Moon!

If you are searching for more guidance on the New Moon in Pisces please refer to my previous blog posts.

Below you will find the downloadable Ritual for when the New Moon enters Aries a few hours after it’s New phase in Pisces. Very detailed instructions are inside. 💫

Please don’t skip over watching this video fully as I have empowered it with the reiki healing energies of Supreme Happiness & Pure Bliss across this timeline. I hope you accept this energy. Below the video you will find your ritual for the Aries New Moon phase.

As above. So below. As within. So without. 💫

Fight ⚓️ or Flight 🚀

Welcome to a timeline filled with major and minor adjustments. For many of us this time will serve as a time of receiving due to the Divine Feminine returning to her power feeling hella restored, replenished and ready to open heartedly receive. I am seeing this applying to Cancer moons and Cancer Venus placements mostly.…

New Vibration: This message is for YOU!

An inner journey has been extremely difficult and dark for many of us throughout the last three (3) years. If you have successfully made it through the depths of your mind, heart and soul, know that this message will resonate with you. If you are currently going through a breakthrough due to a much needed…

New Chapter: Revived Expression

A new chapter has been added to our wondrously adventurous book of transformative life on this earthly plane of existence. The meaning of this will vary from one soul to the next but know that what happens will have great impact on us all. There is a momentous occasion headed our way and we truly…


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