Intuitive Quickie: Pisces New Moon 🌚

I was shown dreams under a rainbow, soul level creativity, and purity in all forms.

During my daily oracle check-in with my guides, it was revealed to me that the collective will be given a clear opening. This opening is shown to me as being under a rainbow like energy field.

We are being gifted something so pure and magically connected to not one, but two worlds. The moon and the sun in Pisces is making this possible for us. We are finally able to see clearly all that our dreams have been subtly revealing to us over the last astrological year in layers of some sort.

Just as the rainbow has many layers of colors that make it a rainbow, our dreams are one in the same. If you separate each color from the rainbow they would just be one solid color standing alone but when you combine them they make one of the most beautiful sights to see!

There is an unfolding happening within us and it has 100% to do with our minds. We are being gifted the ability to co-create something so dreamlike that it feels like it would only be found under a rainbow. Like the fantasy of a pot of gold being at the end of the rainbow we have all grown up to know.

I am being guided to advise you that this dream you have is not a dream anymore. It is your reality.

You are being shown what your future holds quite clearly and it’s being disguised as a dream to prepare you for what’s to come over the next few days to 13 weeks and to continue throughout the next 13 months. There is a cycle of 12 completing and the last piece (13) is all encompassing. Similar to a rainbows energy. It holds to the keys to unlocking the magical powers of each color. It also holds the power to unlocking a magical realization of the fact that each layer serves a divinely guided purpose. And each layer has such a magical affect on the entire world when seen by any one of us at any given time across any timeline.

How will you harness this energy?

We are being asked to surrender to the flow of the universe as she is more than prepared to gift you that pot of gold underneath your very own rainbow.

Listen to her as she speaks so softly to you during this time. She is gentle, kind and giving, so you should be too. She is forthright, so you should be too. She is understanding, so you should be too. She is hopeful, so you should be too.

Her love for you is going to be revealed and you must have reciprocity. You deserve it and so does the universe and all man kind.

As your gifts unfold and you are granted your wishes, please remember this moment. Remember when you so eagerly wanted this to come. Remember the hard work, the dedication, the determination and the perseverance that got you here.

No matter what changes for the better are made in your life during this time, never forget this feeling you have right now.

This is all she asks of us.

Continuity of blessings depends upon your actions after you have been given all that you have asked for.

Please don’t stop doing all that you have been doing to get to this point. There is more to be given and your actions will determine how much more you will receive.

Understand that all of your prayers, meditation, conscious living, passion, strength and courage got you here! And it is still required of you.

I hope this message resonates with the many of you that were shown to me as needing to read this today.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

I am truly so proud of all of you! 🥰💃🏽

As above. So below. As within. So without.

Asè 🤲🏾


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