Book of Magick: Sun & Moon Pairing Ceremony

Book of Magick: Sun & Moon Pairing Ceremony

Chapter 4: Earth 772

Nyxiah grabbed Tarurian’s hand as she pulled him towards the Hillyer. “Come on Taurian, we are going to miss my favorite part of the Sun and Moon pairing ceremony. You always walk so slow when I am in a hurry!” Taurian continued to drag his feet knowing it would upset his sister every time. Plus he never truly wanted to go to the Hillyer and he also knew that she could not leave him behind. They weren’t really allowed to attend a Sun and Moon ceremony but Taurian did enjoy the thrill of sneaking in with Nyxiah. She knew every shortcut and hiding space because of her time spent there as a young Nemvilla with their parents. After her tenth solar return, she was no longer allowed inside of the Hillyer unless it was her very own Sun and Moon pairing ceremony.

After slipping passed the guards near the forest entry, Nyxiah led Taurian down the hallway near their father’s ascension class and then behind the bookshelf in the foyer of the Hall of Priestesses. The Hillyer was built by their ancestors to honor Empress Nenkarshaki’s vision for the Nemvilla while on Earth 772. There are so many hidden passageways, codes and doors but Nyxiah learned to memorize with visualization at a very early age. At five her uncle told her stories about how the great architects before him created maps that aligned with the stars of the Waters of the Western Skies. These maps were encoded with sacred knowledge used to build the Hillyer of Magic and Mystery. While on his break between classes, he would let her rummage through the maps as long as she would put them back in their assigned spot. She would wait for him with extreme excitement outside of the energy coding class he taught. It was her favorite memory of the many days spent at the Hillyer as a child. She would spend hours decoding these maps if permitted. Each day, Nyxiah would unroll a new map as her uncle told her the wisdom behind it. As she listened, her thoughts would allow her mind to drift away to that time. After each story she would carefully roll them up before placing them back into the Mirrors of Maps just as if she had never removed them. It took her exactly 1 year, 1 month and 11 days to learn the secret messages and codes of the Mirrors of Maps.

“We’re here” whispered Nyxiah. “This is my favorite spot.” Taurian was actually in awe because after sneaking into the Hillyer for what seemed like the hundredth time, he had never seen the ceremony hall from this high up before. The view of the ceremony never looked so magical. The Moonstone crystal floors reflected the skies of Earth 772 in a way Taurian had never seen before. It was enchanting. “Look! There’s Mother” Nyxiah’s voice jolted Taurian out his dazed enlightenment. Priestess Katrina walked onto the platform of the ceremony hall with effortless grace. She almost seemed to float whenever she was there. Nyxiah has never missed a ceremony since her mother was crowned Priestess of the Sun and Moon. She dreamt of the day her mother would conduct her ceremony amongst her peers, guides and ancestors. With every graduation she would imagine it was her being delivered the Scroll of Nemvilla by the Scryers. She has only finished her first four years of summoning, visionary alignment, light code healing and energy bending but she knew that all of her work would pay off and she would one day be spending the morning of the ceremony with her mother while being bathed and cleansed in the Waters of the Western Skies that were cast here by Empress Nenkarshaki before the war. 

The ceremony seating was aligned in a swirl pattern around the platform that could only truly be enjoyed from an aerial view. The moonstone floors were meant to heightened the energy of the ceremony. The flames burning from the sunstone crystals danced in an harmonic flow as the graduates entered the hall. The first seat was always meant for the most acclaimed student of the Hillyer. No one knew who this person would be until each graduate entered the hall. Scryers would reveal the chosen name on a black obsidian mirror encased in goldstone crystals. The message would only be delivered by the Counsel of Auras directly to the Scryers during the ceremony and passed on to the Priestess. This was the tradition for as long as the ceremony existed. This was the most intriguing part of the ceremony for all especially for Nyxiah. She knew that one day her name would be revealed just as the many before her.

“Tempest Light”, the room gasped as Priestess Katrina read from the black obsidian mirror. Tempest is Nyxiah’s cousin and daughter of Priestess Katrina’s youngest sister, Solana who served as one of the Hillyer’s God Wives. Nyxiah prayed to Empress Nenkarshaki and her Ancestors every Full Moon in hopes that Tempest would be first chair this graduating session. Whilst holding the mirror Priestess Katrina got a reflection of her two beloved children sitting on the beams above her. There was absolutely no way she would interrupt the ceremony to scold them as she truly wanted to. She smiled in understanding of why they were there. It was for Tempest. As she handed the black obsidian mirror back to the scryers, she moved forward with the ceremony by calling upon the ancestors of the waters of the western skies. Everyone waited as the ancestors rose from the moonstone floors and took their seats behind the Priestess. Then she called upon the spirit guides of each graduate. One by one they appeared in all forms. In a matter of seconds the ceremony hall was filled with hundreds of Hippocampus, Pegagus, Phoenix, Dragons of all kinds, Rainbow Unicorns, Celestial Cats, and Galaxy Wolves.

In this very moment is when the graduates were able to see their guardians as something more than a celestial presence who have been with them since brith. This was the day all graduates would forever unify with their ancestors and spirit guides for the rest of this lifetime. This was the Sun and Moon Ceremony of the Hillyer of Empress Nenkarshaki.

Thanks for making it this far into my Book of Magick. Until the next world within worlds is revealed find me where the stars align….across all timelines. My intentions are to continue release a different chapter as I am guided to. This week’s Sun in Pisces and Moon in Pisces inspired the release of this chapter today. All writings are my own just as any other post on this blog.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.

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