Dear Alchemist Letter Six

Dear Alchemist,

“You have absolutely nothing to fear but fear itself.”

Reset and refocus today.

Transmute all of that fear-filled energy into something magical, joyful, and peaceful.

Start by cleansing yourself tonight in a spiritual bath.

Light some white candles.

Sprinkle some herbs like lavender or rosemary into the tub.

Add some salt if you are need of clearing or a little extra protection.

Clear the energy of the room before you get started.

Prep the tub area with pure intentions and clearly ask the Divine to remove all binds, blockages and pain that has somehow manifested itself into fear.

As you step one foot after the other into the tub, assert yourself by saying, “As I step into this bath I am prepared to allow myself to be freed from all that restricts me.”

Soak and Meditate.

You are now free.



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