Book of Magick: Godis of Magic and Divination

Book of Magick: Godis of Magic and Divination

Before diving into another one of my short stories inside from my Book of Magick, please take the time to read these first. Everything makes so much more sense if you keep up with each chapter released in order. 😏

“My dearest, divine sisters we have exactly one millisecond left to project over to The Medium. Let’s go.”, Divina spoke over her sisters loving affections toward one another with a soft, calming tone that always transcended over any noise. Godis Divina’s magically attuned voice has guided them into The Medium every night. Divina is the Godis of Magic and Divination. She is known to all as The Divine One. It was Divina’s responsibility to unlock and prepare The Medium. She would disappear just before completing her guided instructions leaving her sisters at the Miras because she knew they would always follow her streams of blue crystalized stardust and her mesmerizing voice to the hidden portal. As they approached the portal opening, in less than two blinks of an universal eye, The Medium would be surrounded by the glow of millions of white candles. Hovering over their crowns was a smoke cloud from the thousands of celestial divine light incense clearing and balancing the energy of The Medium. On their left stood Divina holding very detailed rituals for each of her sisters scribed onto large bay leaves. One by one, just as they did every night, they received blessings from Divina by connecting to her crown energy while she transferred instructions and insight back to them through their visionary links. With each connection Divina’s powers grew to cover her sisters with her Divine Protection. To them this was the easy part of the night but to Divina it was the most important.

After connecting with Divina, each Godis stood in front of their own altars awaiting Divina’s next instructions. Her voice soothed their mind, body and spirit as she called upon seven aligned Semurians to enter the space. The Semurians are ancient musical beings whose responsibility is to fill The Medium with frequencies that would assist each sister with completion of their rituals. As each Semurian appeared with golden crystallized sound bowls in their arms while dressed in golden silk gowns that swept the floor as they rhythmically danced through the clouds of the incense, they took their spot next to their designated Godis. Divina then called upon seven Starlights for protection. Starlights are spiritual warriors who vowed to only protect the Godis of the Pleiades. Although armored in Divina’s magic, they each carried one Sword ruled by the Eastern Winds, one Pentacle ruled by the Northern Earths, one Golden Cup ruled by the Eastern Waters and one Wand ruled by the Southern Fires. As Divina took her place in front of her own altar she put a binding spell on the doors calling forth the protection of the ascended masters. On Divina’s que the sisters would raise their right hand to invoke the element of fire starting with Godis Akasha, the Godis of All Elements. One by one a flame grew from their palms as they cast unifying intentions over the fire. The music from each Semurian began to grow louder but could only be heard by the sister they were set to govern. Godis Nova whispered, “Kee Ah Sha” as each sister’s internal light beams began to align to the frequency of their Semurian. They lifted their left hand which held the scribed bay leaf Godis Divina had given to them upon entry of The Medium, and held them over the fire in their right palm. As the flames engulfed each of their bay leaves they watched each other change forms yet again. This time they transformed into a Nemvilla.

The Nemvilla are of the planet Earth 772 ruled by the planet Venus. They were created from the universal love of Empress Nenkarshaki, who inhabited the Earth from waters of the western skies with her people during a galactic underwater war with the Anyhu. The Nemvilla came to Earth 772  just as they were, Venusian Stars of the Western Skies. As aeons passed, they became fully reliant upon their Earth magic and never returned to the Waters of the Western Skies again. 

Thanks for making it this far into my Book of Magick. Until the next world within worlds is revealed find me where the stars align….across all timelines.

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