Real Reason why I’m not sharing new guidance on Twitter right now…

As most of you have noticed, I recently pulled away from sharing intuitive guidance on Twitter.

Please know that this is simply because all of the energies that entered this Earthly realm are still settling in. Let me explain more.

I have mentioned before that my gifts allow me to see the past, the present and the future energies. I have been given all of the intuitive guidance from my higher self & my guides that is in need of sharing up to this point.

If I continue to share messages each day, then it will become redundant.

Spirit is saying the same things over and over again to all of us. The reason for this is because many of us are not willing to listen.

I found that what I have shared during the month of March will still be unfolding throughout Taurus season.

There are so many of us very gifted intuitives out there that receive messages in so many different ways. I figured since my guides basically told me to “shut up!” I could at least share what others are receiving at this time.

Understand that the way I connect to my visionary gifts are totally different than the way many others may connect. Which is what leads me to my next rant, lol.

I have advised of a new PERSPECTIVE being a major theme across this plane of existence for all of us in this current season. No matter where it may apply for you…it’s happening and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

Since we all have new perspectives we are now being nudged to MOVE TF ON! And until we do…Spirit is going to keep repeating guidance to us all. Eventually this will change due to astrological events but as of right now this is where we are as a WHOLE.

Now that we are here…together…we can open our minds to see what others have to say about this great transition. After all, we got this new perspective specifically for that very reason!

We are not only able to see so much more clearly but we are also able to hear and feel differently because our actions, thoughts & views are not centered around selfishness. It’s centered in ONENESS! And True Self.

Now, I can keep typing the same thing over and over again but I refuse to do so.

This is my last time typing this so pay attention…

We are ALL being guided to MOVE ON! This will apply to each of you differently but it has to be done. Your homework is to take that new perspective and use it to see what is needed of YOU next. I can’t tell you what is needed of you nor can anyone else. We can only confirm and enlighten you to the fact that IT IS TIME!

Trust me when I say if you chose to stay stagnant even when your guides and Spirit have given you a clear opening…then you will be left behind in this universal forward movement of consciousness.

Make the conscious decision to do what needs to be done so you can move to the next level. A UNIVERSAL cycle has completed and WE are now at square one all over again.

🗣It is the season of second chances! And this applies to us ALL.

Know that I will return to horoscopes and intuitive quickies when I am led to do so by my guides. I hope you all are able to hear me clearly in this message. I hope that you are able to take away what I am attempting to share with you. I hope that this message serves it’s purpose and enlightens you to the fact that we ALL are ANEW!

Until then, affirm: “I make the conscious decision to move on from all that has been released from me during the last phase. I am more than open to moving on for the highest good of myself and for all that are involved. And so it. Asè”🤲🏾

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection.


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