Intuitive Quickie: This is “Ancestral not Generational” (7 April)

There is an energy around the collective that has a “waiting” vibe around it. This energy heightened on/around the 7th of April which is when I began to type this post.

This is an energy is rooted in communication around something we either released or need to release our hold onto as it no longer belongs to us. Honestly, it never truly did anyways. Allow me to explain more.

Above all, I am seeing an energy shift around our thoughts and actions in the very near future.

Our actions have already shifted towards community during the last phase but we are now being requested to think bigger!

We have successfully been “regenerated” in a sense and are creating plans forward, both subconsciously and consciously.

This energy is centered in being present while opening our hearts and minds to do more for others across timelines.

I keep hearing, “this is Ancestral not Generational.”

The timeframe I am receiving is mid-June for many of you in regards to the plans you are currently making or will soon be making.

We have all been on this universally connected energetic flow that has somehow connected us all on a heart level in order to push us all towards this “Ancestral not Generational” thought and action-oriented process.

There is a do-over energy here for us right now that will lead us to success on so many different levels. The reason for this universal flow of energies aligning us all on somewhat of a very similar path is because we need to align with rewards that will only materialize for the highest good of all.

Know that what you materialize into reality will be dependent upon your intentions being rooted in the highest good for all.

The reason why I am seeing this as more of “Ancestral” than of Generational is because there is going to be a major shift in identity coming in for specific groups of people.

You will discover that your culture was never lost…it was taken. You will discover that the identity you have been so compelled to locate has been right there with you all along…just covered up to make you forget it was even there.

I hope this makes sense because I can only share what is being given to me from the Ancestral realm.

We have already experienced the first layer of this shift which was of the mind. We are now experiencing the second shift, which is of sight!

“Being able to see what once was hidden from plain sight,” is the energy surrounding this.

You will uncover & discover many things. There is a heavy Sun in Sagittarius energy leading you throughout the findings still backed up intensely by Scorpio due to the balancing of the life & death energies.

Our mission is to complete what our Ancestors couldn’t.

My guidance to you is to clear your Aura with a crystal or a spiritual bath. Sunbathe or simply spend a few hours in the Sun. Then move forward with your New Moon rituals. All that I have written here today will soon make sense.

Also, you will be guided to research more. Please don’t ignore any nudges given to you as this is your higher self leading the way forward.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection & Divine Guidance.

As above. So below. As within. So without.


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