New Moon, New Year…A Whole New World

Welcome to the beginning of the new!

You made it! And you should be more than grateful for all of the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Today, marks the start of a new way of thinking about your life.

Today, marks the start of a new way of doing that which is aligned with your true life purpose.

Today, marks the start of a new way forward wrapped in the highest vibrations of love for self, for others and for all that is destined to enter your space.

This time of the year is usually marked by Spring Break or Easter but I think that will change in the years to come.

Those holidays will mark the end in preparation of a new beginning.

We will all attune to the energy of the Moon and all of her magick. We will all co-create with her. Celebrate her and balance our emotions supported by her.

My guidance to you on this rebirthing journey of yours (and mine) is grounded in the depths of our soul.

We have all emerged from a cocoon state where we were being fed the nutrients needed to move forward into something brand new but very old at the same time.

We rediscovered who we truly are and now we are embarking upon a brand new journey with brand new eyes.

Tomorrow you will awaken either feeling lost and confused about where you are right now in life or how did you even get here. Or you may feel heavy emotions around leaving all that identified you as the old you behind. You may possibly feel a heavy burden that has been tied around your waist for far too long being cut and now you are able to fly free from the nest of the past.

Whatever you may or may not feel, please know that it is all normal.

You have been given a second chance at life and it’s up to you to choose if you want to run with it or allow it to run you back to where you previously were.

Our lights are shinning bright today! Whether you feel it or not.

You have been born again and what you will encounter next will test your strength, your courage and your fortitude.

You may want to give up and relapse but you won’t be able to because what you once knew is now gone.

So, what’s next?

That’s for you to decided for yourself.

After all, you get to do everything that fills your heart with joy, compassion, love and abundance of all things all over again. How fire is that?!!

Now look yourself in the mirror and tell her/him how you will do it?

Everything you say out loud will be supported fully by the Universe, God, Spirit, your Higher Self, and most importantly your Ancestors.

I love you all across all timelines!

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection and Divine Guidance.

And so it is. Asè 🤲🏾

Go forth and LIVE LIFE!! 🥳


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