Libra New Moon: Judgement & Justice or Intervention & Justice?

Now that we are in Libra season (Ma’at season btw) while also in Mercury Retrograde under Ma’at command and order she has regained her strength and will begin to show up for you. Where things were out of balance (health, love, legal matters, partnerships, etc…) there will be miraculous balance placed right in front of us.

Last year, around this same season, I noted on twitter that the Goddess Ma’at had entered our space and time. I mentioned that in divine time should would began to reappear for many of us in many of ways.

I was shown the Judgement tarot card in regards to this shift in power.

If you are familiar with the workings of our Angels, specifically Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, please know that they are also here assisting those that have called upon them within the last eight months.

There were seeds planted by many of us during this specific time period that were 1000% aligned with the Heart Chakra and now we are being given the opportunity to reap those rewards in many ways that will just appear out of nowhere. Angelic presence is here working miracles. All you need to do is believe! It’s that simple.

For some of us, these miracles are already happening but we just can’t see them yet. This is where the New Moon’s energy creeps in on us!

Overjoyed energy is here. Unconditionally love is here.

Energy centered around the highest good for all kind is here.

Whenever Ma’at appears in such ways she is prepared to do what is needed to restore balance. Please note that if you are guilty of disturbing the balance on this earthly plane you may receive the energy of Divine Intervention aka a Tower moment. This energy shows up whenever the Divine (God/Goddess) has to set the record straight for you because you chose not to.

Oftentimes this isn’t low vibrational but in regards to this Libra New Moon…it definitely is and will be!

All I’m saying is that if you have been guilty of doing low vibrational mess to others and yourself, this might not be the most fruitful and abundant time for you. It’s time for many of us to realize that the season of imbalance is completely over!

Mercury is also inconjunct Neptune today. I am seeing the energy of secrets being revealed accidentally since we are in a Libra Mercury Retrograde. Truth being revealed in unconventional ways is here as well.

My advice to you tonight is to prepare a New Moon ritual requesting for, “restoration of balance in your life across all planes of existence.” Set your moon cycle intentions afterwards. A guided meditation may also help you align with the current energies too.

Karmic renewals and restorations are being rewarded to the many of us who recently completed a Karmic cycle. There is a “straightening” happening and I feel like this air energy will make it all happen very quickly. Many of you thought you were being blocked from receiving blessings over the last eight months, but it was just Spirit guiding you to rebuild with a very stable foundation. I see this has a lot to do with belief systems and old emotions having to be cleared before you could progress further. Please know that your desires are heard and that you are deeply loved.

Situations may change quickly. Decisions may be made quickly. Resolutions may be settled quickly.

Light a candle for the Angels that guide and protect you daily. Light a candle for Ma’at as she is waiting to hear from you.

Invite joy, laughter, earth magic, balance and love into your heart and into your home.

Things are changing swiftly so be prepared as much as you can be.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection. Asè


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