Mercury Retrograde: Rest! Everything is working out for you.

My previous blog post announced my comeback to this expansive world of intuitive astrology but Mercury had other plans for me.

So…let’s consider this post as a follow up to the last but with a hint of guidance.

Many of you felt the most recent shift happening on this earthly plane of existence within the last week or so. Personally, I have been pulled towards focusing on my own Faith, Hope and leaning into the understanding that I Am here to do something amazing. I’m sure many of you have received very similar guidance from your own personal guides and Angels.

Going for our own dreams and claiming our own space in this world is very much highlighted during this MR. I feel as though we are being made aware of the small shadow things we have pushed to the back of our subconscious minds. We are needing to bring those thoughts, beliefs and emotions forward so that we can deal with it now during this “rest and heal” time that dear ole Mercury is giving us. This is a time where we are all paying close attention to our own actions and communication with others.


Whatever you were working on creating prior to the 23rd of September will begin to bare rewards. Many of these creative projects (or creative intentions) were planted sometime around this exact same time last year. Trust that taking your time during MR to wrap up lose ends slowly and carefully is a true blessing from the star heavens. We are all being given the space and time to allow Divine Timing to settle. Many of us have already recreated ourselves through a transformative time of death and rebirth prior to this MR so that we could re-emerge much easier than others who did not put in the spiritual work on themselves.

Honestly, this slower vibe is a pause before the massive spiritual awareness in many of us arises between the 18th of October and the 18th of November. Planets are going to realign during this period in a way that will allow for even more aligned, divine action that comes with a major sense of Peace, Clarity and Justice (Libra season 👀) that wasn’t here before.

Now is the time where you are being asked to utilize those spiritual gifts you were given over the last year to solidify your relationship to the Divine so that all you have worked so diligently for will come to fruition with a positive outcome grounded in ebb and flow.

Create space for the impossible to become possible. Keep your calendars clear and continue to work with all of the elements to stay balanced. This is definitely your aligned time to prepare for something amazing to unfold.

Know that you are aligned and keep your thoughts high vibrational because Mercury is working with whatever you put out into the world. If any of those things are low vibrational please know that Mercury will reciprocate negatively in your life.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance and Divine Protection across all timelines and all planes of existence.

And so it is. Asè 🌾


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