1010 Portal: Transcendent Collaboration

At least once in every lifetime you are faced with at least one major decision that will change your outlook on the future as well as the trajectory of all events that follow.

Oftentimes these major decisions are somehow tied to something in a past life (karmas) or possibly be linked to something tied to your childhood.

October 10th (1010) energy has already entered the realm. Immediately after Libra had its say so in your part of the world during the height of the New Moon, you probably felt a resurfacing energy coming towards you. Undeniably speaking, we are in the midst of crossing paths with older plans, older thoughts, or even older divinely inspired ideas.

We are being pressured to answer those unanswered calls from the past so that we can look into the future with fresh, new child-like eyes.

Your thought patterns around certain ideas of what life on this plane of existence could be, or even should be, for you and others you deeply care for will undeniably change very soon.

It’s time to face this pressure head on with realistic plans this time. Realistic outlooks, realistic hopes, realistic dreams, etc…

Now is the time when the Divine is nudging you to make a “SOLID DECISION” (2 of swords) around the many things that have somehow begun to hold you back. Unbeknownst to you, you have been feeding an energy of stagnancy in some very important piece of your life that actually branches off into many different arenas in your life.

Some of you have felt as though once one door opens, another door slaps you in the face. Opportunities show up in bits and pieces because you aren’t ready to progress in truth and practicality.

Yes! We all want to be billionaires but do you have a REALISTIC plan on how you intend to get there? And maintain this status? 👀🥴

We could all daydream (7 of cups) of winning the billion dollar lottery but most likely this will only happen to about 1 in every millionth person on Earth. The problem with being stuck in this energy is that we tend to not focus on anything else. All of the plans we have for the future are only tied to “when” or “if” we were to win the lottery.

Where are the plans for the actions we take outside of going to the local convenience store to purchase that lotto ticket?

A new perspective (the hanged man) is here for us to gravitate towards but there is fear holding many of us back from seeing the truth and making solid judgement (Libra) that will challenge us and ultimately catapult us forward.

We have all been here a time or two. Wishes and hoping for something unrealistic to just happen for us without pushing our efforts towards what we should be doing until this impossible mission is made possible.

So, what are you doing to make way for energy like this to materialize right in front of your eyes? Are you sulking in front of the tv wishing you had the love displayed in your go-to romcom movie? Are you stuck daydreaming about the dream house on the lake and not making the necessary moves to actually get a home you can afford right now? Or are you making a list of action-oriented tasks that may take far longer to achieve the final goal but makes it all worth it?

Many of you can look back at a time when you wished for something you currently have right now. Think about what it took to gain that?

Now, let’s do some work.

Take a pen and sheet of paper out. Mark a line down the middle representing your connection to the higher consciousness. Then on the left side label it the “The Past” and on the right side label it “The Present”.

We aren’t concerned with the future right now because that’s where we often get stuck in daydream land.

Let’s ground our attention by focusing on the many things we desired in the past. Go way back to your childhood as well. Even if it was a desire to have purchased your first car at 16 or to have built your first business by 30. Or to be superman or superwoman. What did you see life as back then? How did you view your future as child? Tap into your inner child while making this list. Have fun! And don’t forget that unicorn you always wanted or those rocket launcher boots, lol.

Now, shift over to the “The Present”.

Start freely writing all of the things you desired in “The Past” that you realistically possess right now! It may be children, your first home, or your dream job or just as simple as those red shoes you always wanted. Notice how many of the things you desired as a child manifested into other things as you got older. As your perspective changed and life just happened.

Notice how your perspective shifted. The people, places and things you desired shifted to empower you to fulfill certain achievements and goals each time that were grounded in a realistic viewpoints of life on this earthly plane of existence.

Now flip the sheet of paper over to the back.

Take a few moments to relive what you just brought back to the surface.

Are there things you still need to work on right now to obtain the success you desire in the present moment? Are there things from the past that still resonate with you and you may have forgotten you desired?

Notate your answers to those questions on the back of that sheet of paper. When you are done writing…read them out loud.

Viola! You have just intentionally created “The Future!”

Below those answers of yours, make four bullet points. Beside each bullet point write down your realistic intentions for making “The Future” everything you desire it to be in this very real and present moment.

Daily Affirmation: “Everyday, I attract all that I need by sending out love, gratitude, and welcoming energy. I am no longer focused on the past as my destined future has already been written in the stars.”

Say this affirmation to yourself every single day for the rest of 2021 and watch how the magic unfolds in your life.

I would recommend saying this affirmation while looking at yourself in the mirror every morning. Look yourself in the eyes at sunrise and make a bold statement to yourself, the universe, your spiritual team and ancestors. Your higher self will assist you with staying aligned with these very realistic and practical intentions.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Guidance, and Divine Protection.

As above, so below. As within, so without. ♾



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