11.11: A Balancing Portal Shift into Recovery Mode

Breakthrough energy has officially entered our realm allowing us to successfully cut ourselves free and fully transform our lives in order to properly shift into the energy of year 2022.

Many of us may be experiencing vivid dreams and heightened intuition right now. This energy has us reflecting on past traumas and struggles that have continuously drained us for quite some time.

Stability and Clarity will be the foundation of all of this inevitable change.

Recovery is the outcome.

If you have been feeling as though every step you have taken has resulted in being held back or feeling stuck then this will be a very important transitional time for you. Finally balance will be restored!

Karmic situations are going to wrap themselves up and you will wake up one day feeling refreshed and fully recovered out of nowhere.

If you have not been doing the work on yourself, then this message may not resonate with you. This message is specifically for those who have taken the time to rediscover themselves by diving deep into their own darkness. There is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Truth be told, many of you who have not done the work will indeed feel a similar shift in the world’s energy due to the energetic flow of those around you being cleared and rebalanced.

This does not mean you will reap the same benefits. It just means that you will be made fully aware of the changes within others that will reflect upon this earthly plane of existence without a doubt. A recognizable difference will be shown to you in regards to others. You made me forced to get to know others in all new ways as they have now changed (elevated) and are no longer who you thought they were.

In result of this, many friendships will end. Many long term partnerships and contracts will cease to exist.

This is inevitable change due to many light workers being shown their way forward. Please know that this way forward may not include past agreements.

I hope this message makes sense to all of you. I hope that when you come out on the other side of this that you SEE clearly what lies ahead for not only yourself but those who have direct access to you or direct influence over you.

Again…this is a time of RECOVERY! The hard part is over. Allow yourself the space and time to recover properly and heal from within. And don’t forget to honor any request from others that may require time apart. This is very important right now.

Setting clear intentions for the future “you” will not be priority at this time. Setting firm boundaries in the present will be.

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Divine Protection, and Divine Guidance.

As it is below, so it is above. Asè


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