Aquarius Season 22

Finally, we have left the very intense restraints of Capricorn season and entered the everflowing, everfreeing energies of the Water Bearer.

This morning, I watched the sunrise for the very first in almost 11 days. For some strange reason, the Sun has been kept away from my side of the world and hidden behind a sky filled with the darkest gray clouds. For 11 days straight I woke up at 5 am (as I always do) patiently awaiting the Sun to shine it’s healing rays of light into my home.

For 11 days, there was nothing. Only a slight glimmer of light behind a crowded sky.

Today, the heavy energies of Capricorn season have finally passed. Many of you might have noticed that over the last 30 days we have felt a shift around our collective mind, body and soul. This shift has been powered by attachment and desires for the new year. It has controlled our daily doings and our forward movements so much that we have all been very stagnant. Little progress has been made because of the binding Capricorn energy in the skies.

We are still in retrograde energy as I type this and for many reasons I feel limited on words to express what is happening to us as a collective.

Please note that although we refer to Aquarius as the Water Bearer, she is the oldest & wisest of the Air Signs (Aquarius, Libra and Gemini). She will be working with her fellow air sign energies heavily to assist with mind over heart decisions for many of us. Things that we thought were healed already are resurfacing. Many of us may be experiencing late nigth mind chatter or nostalgia around past situations.

What I do know for sure is that the Earth is changing. Our plans for the future will be changing as well. In result, our persepctive will shift into something far greater than the four walls Capricorn season has held us hostage within.

Aquarius season will be a time of healing. We will experience regurgitated thoughts (mind games) due to Mercury Retrograde but I advise you to pull your strength from the Stars. Completion of a great task is also near so be mindful of plans possibly being catipulted into a new direction before Aries season has the chance to approach us fully.

If you have been feeling off balance or that you may be pouring too much into a project, a relationship or a commitment…this is the perfect time to reevaluate what is best for YOU moving forwards. You do not want to be dragging something along with you into Pisces season that you were meant to leave behind now.

The moon’s feminine intuitive energy will be very intense during Pisces season hence why Mercury Retrograde is giving you the chance to revisit all that has been pushed back or hidden within your subconscious now. Mercury will be going direct around February 4th (depending on where you live). Please note that there will be a shadow period that may last for a minimum 2 weeks after Mercury goes direct. Meaning some of the mercurial energies will still be in full effect. I advise you to start a journal dedicated to random thoughts now. Writing is a form of release that is oftentimes overlooked.

Complete a clearing ritual and a detachement ritual if you feel called to do so. Angels are here for us and are waiting for you to call upon them for assistaance and guidance during this time. Ask them to enter your space and show you where you need healing and release.

If you are somewhere near the Sun’s energy, I would advise that you sit under its masculine healing energy at some point over the next 3 days. You will need its energy to assist you with BALANCE as much as possible right now. Remember what I said about the shifts in the Earth. Stay grounded by connecting to the Earth as much as possible. Drink herbal teas. Go for a walk each day. Meditate to high frequency music. Eat plant based foods. Tend to your personal plants or garden. Intentionally connect with Earth as much as possible as she is calling for us to all do at this time.

Drink as much water as possible too. I would advise you to speak over your water through prayer or affirmation. Focus on healing and balance when you do so.

A new journey will begin for all of us on this plane of existence. I hope to see many of you on the other side.

As always, I send you Divine Protection, Divine Love and Divine Guidance.

And so it is. Asè 🧿


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