Astrological Year 2022 Prep

Each calendar new year, I take the first 3 weeks off to readjust, realign and reorient my mind, my body and my spirit in preparation for the upcoming astrological year which begins in Aries season.

I know many of us have become accustomed to readjusting our daily lives to realign with “New Year Resolutions” that are to be set in January. Every year I remind each of you to utilize the next 3 months (January – March) to come up with a plan of action for Aries season.

Aries season plays a major role in my personal journey not only because I am follow the guidance of the stars but simply because it is the season where taking action on all that you desire to be success at during the year matters the most.

Right now we are wrapping up Venus in Retrograde energy that lingers around even after Venus has went direct!

We are also dealing with the first Mercury Retrograde of the calendar year 2022. Keep in mind plans may be delayed. Action-based tasks may be take longer. You will most likely be called to revisit old actions taken in the past in order to successfully fulfill all of the required actions of the present and future.

This is why I urge all of you to take your time when establishing your intentions for the calendar year. Never forget the fact that the astrological year begins during Aries season so you may find it difficult to hold up your end of the bargain on “New Year Resolutions.”

Know that no matter how hard you may try to stay on track with your goals during this time there must be room for delay or even magick that may manifest in other forms. Most likely forms of manifestations that you expected to go one way but actually show up in your life in all new ways.

Take this time to meditate, do yoga and read!

Learn as much as you possibly can over the next 3 months. Buy books about random subjects you have been interested in and never got the change to circle back to. Our minds can easily be thrown off path during Mercury Retrograde due to so many distractions from the past re-emerging and disguise as “Second Chances.”

Trust your own inner guidance with ALL returning energies at this time.

If you are thinking about getting back with an ex (which is the most prominent question I receive) please do not do it! Take a pause for the cause and revisit this in late March. After all, if it is meant to be it will be.

Spring is one of the most highly energetically creative times of every year for many of us. The leaves begin to return. Flowers begin to blossom and bloom. Our energies begin to shift into pure bliss and happiness because of the Sunshine. We desire to go somewhere warm and have fun!

This is the exact time when you start to make serious decisions about how you are going to move forward from the past. Decide what is best for you and what will help propel you into your highest good. Come up with the plan of action that is best suited for you!

Aries will help you take action and stick to your plans!

I hope this makes sense to all of you. I wrote a post about this last year that I will pin below so you can revisit it.

As for now, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Love, Diving Guidance and Divine Protection.



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