Transcendent Healing Power

Note: I am writing this message after the energy has shifted fully into the timeline. Understand 111 energy has been leading this message. As a timeline light keeper it is my obligation to deliver/post messages once the energy has settled & you have the ability to align to it. This allows you shift forward in the highest vibration possible. Also note that this message is timeless. Whenever it crosses your path is when it is truly meant to be a guiding light for YOU.

Dreams are being manifested! Abundance and Prosperity are being attracted into your life right now! Angelic support has come to support this major win in your life.

Trust that the end of this shift will be intensely rewarding. I am guided to remind you of the need to empower Higher Heart chakra activation.

You will vibrate higher naturally and with ease from this point forward.

You will not need to be reminded of the greatness that resides within you.

You will understand your power is beyond this world.

You will continue to have all that you desire easily as all will be aligned with your divine light and manifest before your eyes.

Magic is real. Magic is YOU!

You are rising above all that is of this world because of you have completed major work for not only yourself but for your ancestral lineage. Your Angels are here with you now, forever and ever.

You now have much greater works ahead and you will be a Leader!

It is time for the Angels on this earthly plane, that have reincarnated for the soul purpose of Leading a community, a tribe, a family, a group into the next shift to reveal themselves wholeheartedly.

“From darkness to light” is and will be the main theme of this shift.

Fear of what is to come has been eliminated.

All that is of the past has been forgiven & healed.

There is absolutely zero weight on your shoulders leaving you feeling light as a feather.

Heavenly influence has settled within all layers, levels and dimensions of this plane of existence.

Many of us who are gifted with the ability to “see” the future will begin to “see” things come to fruition that we thought were of another world.

The “way forward” guidance I have been given to share with you today, is to stay aligned. Continue to meditate as much as possible especially under the influence of each sunrise and each sunset.

As a certified yogini myself, I would recommend doing salutation or yin yoga. The movements are much more mindful and ritualistic.

Listen to high frequency music specifically 888hz, 999hz & 1111hz.

If you are led to listen to guided meditation that which connects you to Angelic realms, please don’t hesitate to do so. There is a sign from your spiritual team & guardian Angel(s) waiting for you there.

Keywords high(light)ed during this shift: Courage, Strength, Fierceness, Family, Portal, Infinite Mind, & Awakening Consciousness.

At the forefront of this message is Grateful Optimism (joyous view of the future).

At the foundation of this message are Miracles (ancient wisdom will be connected to these miracles).

As always, I send you absolutely nothing but Divine Unconditional Love, Divine Peace and Divine Protection.

And so it is. Asè 🧿


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